When I want to cut my hair, I have always want to cut it as short as it can be.
Having a long hair is really bothersome.
So, after 2 weeks planning to go to beauty parlor, and I keep getting my plan somehow always ruined by anything, either it's accidentally something came up so I can't go, or I just don't want to go yet.
Finally after 2 weeks, me and my sisters go to beauty parlor, in some mall.
And on the way there, the weather gone bad, and suddenly my car (the one we used atm) stop. We panicked, and call some people to help us ( and when that happens, it rain so hard out there)
We just thinking, "what a bad day to cut your hair", she said.
and I was like.. = _ =
no comment.
I feel like heaven forbid me to cut my hair. lol

And when the car fixed (still in the middle of heavy rain), the truth is, the car didn't broken or anything. The people who helped us just said, "it's overheated"
and my expression like.. D:

Finally we can go to that mall, and I forgot to get some cash, I have only my card.
I thought that I'll go to nearest ATM station, but I forgot.
So I have to pay it with my card.
Sadly, the man that cut my hair, he is so kind and tell me some tips for my hair. I don't have any cash to give to him as his tips. XD
I was like. D':
And just go quickly after he done my hair, and pay, then never look back.
I even forgot to say "thank you"
And today, I went to play zOMG.
I thought maybe I could play smob, or smeb to get some gold for christmas present.
Turns out GB is totally empty, and only this one person there, and finally we go to bassken, hoping we can play papa saw. (I must tell you that we were on anchor bug server atm)
In bassken, I can only get 5 person crew, and I asked if in another server have more poeple there, (we play 2 rounds)
someone said (he wore a chicken suit) that in buzz saw server maybe have more people. lol
And I trust him, so I told my crew "Let's play in Buzz Saw server, c u there!"
and I log off, then I check back again.... there is only 3 server in zOMG, Anchor Bug, Bladed vase and Brain Clam.
I was like LOLOLOL
then I remember, that chicken guy said, in his time zone, it's 6 am.
means he stay up all night, ofc his mind didn't shine the brightest out of us.
but still, I didn't blame him, I just find this is pretty funny,
I have disband my own crew, for a server that's not even exist. xDDDD
I was laughing so hard.
Then when I check back the server I was before, everyone has gone. lol
I hope they just won't get too mad at me.