The next day Princess Marina and Prince Antonio met up at their usual place and walked to school together. Since the school was almost 30 minutes walking, they had to wake up and meet with each other early.
Almost 20 minutes into their walk they stopped to have breakfast in the park.
I'm sure sensei won't mind us being a little bit late ^o^. Princess Marina said as she pulled out a bento box. She handed Prince Antonio another bento box.
Thanks. He said eating it. Then Prince Antonio stopped eating and looked deeply into Princess Marina's eyes, searching them as if they had eyes, nose, and a mouth. As if he were waiting for a response from them. Marina noticed this and looked up.
U-Uh is there something wrong? You keep staring at me. Marina asked Antonio.
Uhh Because your so lovely Rina. Prince Antonio said smiling. Why is he doing this? He rejected me for someone else didn't he? Oh well, I will never understand him anyways, he is just a flirter. And in Marina's case, Antonio never thought about Marina that way at all. He just liked to flirt with her and other girls.
Once they got to school they bowed to their elders and headed to class. They both sat down and class began.
After school Marina and Antonio decided to go to a bakery and they both look into the glass.
I feel like a cup of Tea and a Cream Puff... Marina said.
Shall we Princess? Antonio asked.
Ofcourse. Marina said. Marina looked up at the man at the counter and was stunned. He was so beautiful he could be a Prince. He worked at such a high ranked bakery he must be rich and smart. He looked strong and reliable, the cool type who was honest and loyal.
Marina? Antonio asked.
H-Huh? Oh sorry...Marina said paying the man at the counter. After they ate Marina said goodbye to Antonio and they went their seprate ways. But Marina could not stop thinking about the man behind the counter.
Months later Marina secretly went to the bakery after school without Antonio, she learned the man behind the counter's name, it was Ameer. Ameer loved spending time with Marina, he was so polite and elegant and was rich and noble too.
Marina loved spending time with Ameer as well, however her heart belonged to Antonio. However Antonio loved someone else.
A few weeks later Ameer asked Marina to become his girlfriend, but Marina sadly decliend telling him that she was in love with Prince Antonio.
Im so sorry Ameer. Marina said truly apollogetic.
It's ok Princess Marina. Ameer replied. He tried reaching out for a hug from Princess Marina but something slapped his hand away. It was Prince Antonio's hand that slapped Ameer's hand away.
What do you think your doing? Even if your a nobleman, how dare you touch a Princess, you could get your hand cut off if you did that. Antonio said sharply.
My apologies Prince. Ameer said.
Antonio then led Marina out of the Bakery. Marina looked back at Ameer and met his sad eyes. She smiled at him and he smiled back, because he knew she'd be back tomarrow.

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