The life of Kira the lonely robot~

Today was whatever. Okay, so yeah no school once more.. I'm kind of actually hoping for school tomorrow cause.. Well, yeah. I kind of miss all my friends and there's only like a week left till I get shipped off to my moms and I'd like to socialize before all of that.. Lol. I sat around and ate s**t until about 3:00.. Cause then my best friend got online along with Nate and then we all kind of just ate s**t together. Talking in stupid robot voices.. Never have I laughed more. Lately though, I've been laughing so much I cry... Not sure if that's a good thing okay.

With the knowledge that only my close friends whom I trust read this.. I'm just kind of going to pour my heart out here alright. Not really. Lol.

So for the passed for months I've been really depressed. I feel like I don't matter and I'm not entirely sure what it is that's bothering me. Ever since I broke up with my previous boyfriend at the beginning of summer (Cause he was an idiot) I've been this way. Almost empty I guess.. Eh it's whatever. I just wanna move passed this s**t. Every time someone says something mean or hurts me like.. Unintentionally or something.. I just explode and I really hate to do that but ******** man, it just happens now-a-days.

Here's a picture of my husband just to make myself feel better..
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-Kira or should I say Dira