Once, there was a little soul, lost in a sea of darkness. Only this sea was like the sky. The air it breathed was thin but the surrounding was heavily dark like there was no way out. The only thing this little lost soul could see was the white light that glowed from it's skin. It wanted to cried out looking for someone or something yet it was afriad. Afraid that if it did, the soul would no longer be around. So silently the little lost soul cried and wondered "what is my purpose? Am I even alive and if so are there other like me?" The little soul cried itself to sleep and had a dream. In the Dream a deep warm voice started talking to it. The voice told the soul "tomorrow is when your real journey begins." and a dim white light appears across the way in a dream and it grows brighter and larger, the ground trembles and grows into a violent shaking and all the darkness shatters.The little lost soul awakens from the dream. Til next time.