with my return to roleplay, i decided to completely change alihi and akihi's backstory as a way to give myself a cleaner slate (and because i don't remember everything from before anymore)! so if either character (or amara) has mentioned their history to your character in the past, please ignore the discrepancy.

thank you!!!


Alihi and Akihi Kaua were born and raised in a small village in Bern. Their father, a mercenary, was often away, which left them in the care of Jillian, their mother. Jillian valued intellect above all else, and from the moment the twins could read their lives were surrounded by books. Akihi spent many days in his room, nose buried in tomes, and began learning how to use magic by the age of six.

Alihi, on the other hand, preferred a more adventurous life. When she could escape the confines of their house she snuck next door to the Aelfgars. Evelyn and Galen were the mother and father Alihi wished to have and their son, Ryuu, her elder by four years, became Alihi's closest friend. They spent their days running off into the wilderness to fight with sticks and exploring the surrounding areas. At the age of twelve Alihi confessed her love for Ryuu, which he wholeheartedly accepted.

But at the age of thirteen Alihi made the bold decision to leave her tiny little village behind, with only Ryuu and a sword by her side. They joined a small, not well known mercenary group, where Alihi furthered her studies and trained underneath their tactician. This continued on for a few years, traveling around Bern and Lycia and taking on small jobs together... until, at age fifteen, they realized that Alihi was pregnant with Ryuu's child. For her and her baby's health and safety, the mercenary band agreed to temporarily discharge her, with the promise that they would not find another tactician during her absence. With nowhere else to go, she returned home to her mother for a period of time, and gave birth to Amara Kaua-Aelfgar at the age of sixteen with Jillian by her side.

Akihi, meanwhile, lived under the safety and security of his mother's wing. But around his fifteenth birthday he realized desire for knowledge had grew too big for their little village, and he left Bern behind with a small group of intellectuals. (He would spend the rest of his time in Elibe living a simple life, studying from dusk until dawn with the company of others like him.)

Back in Bern, things were not so peaceful. Alihi and Jillian butted heads time and time again due to Alihi's insatiable desire to see the world. A year after Amara's birth, Jillian finally granted her daughter's wish -- with her mother's blessing (and a better understanding of her mother's care, buried deeply underneath a desire to keep her kids suffocatingly close and out of danger) Alihi left to find Ryuu and their band of mercenaries.

However, she found herself instead in the plains of Sacae, lending her skills to a young woman named Lyndis. Seventeen at the time, Alihi got her first tastes of political conflict and of battle outside of jobs.

It wasn't until they restored Caelin's peace and Alihi was on her own that her path finally crossed with Ryuu's again. Or, well... she found the end of his path. On the border of Lycia and Bern she stumbled into a member of her mercenary group by chance, where she received the unfortunate news. Ring from him in hand (a ring she knew just by looking was meant for her finger, coupled with a proposal), she wandered aimlessly around Elibe until she found herself tangled up in the affairs of Lycian lords once more. She went head-to-head with the Black Fang, stared death in the eye, and came out on the winning side.

After the war, Alihi returned home and settled down with Amara and Jillian, where she enjoyed peace and calm for the first time. But there were scars on her heart, left in the wake of seeing the corruption of Bern's royal family first-hand and Ryuu's untimely death. Somehow, someway, she wanted to start over.

Soon after her twentieth birthday, what could only be described as a miracle happened. Alihi found herself in Learania, a land that promised a new life. Within the next year Amara and Akihi joined her, and for the first time ever they were all together. Like one big family.

Things couldn't be better. ...right?