The trouble of having a Wattpad and a YouTube account is not having them or what you do on them. The troubles lie with managing them.
My friend Molly has a YouTube account and is encouraging me to use mine and make videos.
I personally don't have the time nor the skills to do what she wants. And really it's my life not hers. That finally got to her today.
See on Wattpad I update really often. I wouldn't have time to stop and make a YouTube. There is also the issue of my voice. One person PMed me on Wattpad, telling me I'm amazing and she believes she reads the story in my voice for a few of the characters I portrayed (Henry from Fangs and Spells and so on). So I wouldn't want to disappoint her with my voice which may or may not sound anything like she imagines. It's best to just be an author and allows the voice to come from my readers' heads.
So, I'm not making YouTube videos, and that was why.
Thank you for reading this.