Entry 11
Day 14: Restoration

I would like to say that it was another beautiful morning, but with my current situation of living in a hole really contradict what I wanted to say.
My mystery partner disappeared without a word.. well.. we never spoke to each other to begin with, but ultimately, he was gone.
I didn't want to spend my day in a hole and decided to grab my gears and explore what was already explored.
I was right, other than the deterioration of the world, nothing really changed.
The last place that I was able to check was the Hakurei shrine.
There was something different about the destroyed remains of the shrine.
Couple days ago, the place was bustling with hostile survivors, but now the place was deserted. And the shrine was overtaken by a large green dragon.
My fear of this monstrosity disappeared as I noticed that it didn't move. It looked like it was asleep but aware of what was happening.
This Dragon drew attention to the few survivors who were brave and curious enough to get closer.
It's odd, I remember my 10th entry enough to have vivid visuals in my mind, but as the restoration drew closer the less I remembered. I didn't know what I was thinking, but remember trying to climb the spiralling dragon. When I arrived near the top, I remember.. a flash of light. then falling hundreds of meters down.

When I opened my eyes, it looked like as if everything was just a bad dream. Everything returned to normal. I went around asking the returned residents for the date. The Year was 1.3.1.