sweatdrop Had a minor glitch with the dates on My Journey, last nights should have been 12/9 but I messed up and put 12/10 but its okay putting this one up should fix that. sweatdrop

My night was okay at work, nothing to special the work was long and hard, and yes I know I made a sort of off color joke right there. emotion_awesome

Got home like normal ate a bit checked on all my Gaia people and Pms and Comments and as well chatted with peeps on Cb to pass time and show my Loves, emotion_hug emotion_bigheart (My sig. thread is still moving on pretty well) ^8^

Hope everyone is in good health and doing well, I send my good thoughts and as well my happiness to both My Pogi Pocporn and as well to my friend who is sick right now Murasakiiro no Inu, Hugs feel better soon emotion_hug

Minecraft has been left alone I wont have time till this weekend for it likely, but shall build a nice house for My Pogi in it when I manage to get on next. (My new project) ^8^

My work on my health is basically the same drinking plenty of water and eating a fruit a day which is seeming to help me fill decently full and less hungry. emotion_awesome