Gaia is still having ocassionally hiccups and long loading bits for me on and off problems with a page not loading and being a web page error, Sigh......(Gaia Admin Fix Please) ^8^

My Pogi was feeling very bad and I was with him on SKYPE and we talked and we chatted and I think he is going to come out to his parents that he is Gay (He did, just re-capping for all who are just reading his now) ^8^

I do think he will feel better and be much happier if he does tell them and will be in a much better mood and shape (He is much better now) ^8^ Hugssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Also played a bit more of Minecraft added 10 bookshelves to my Library and have a lot more to go as I gather papers to make books and then books to make bookshelves. lol

Also added some small touches, I added ivy to the outside of the entrance to my house to make it nice and green, and as well fixed a widow which I put in in the top of the entrance to let in more light, heart