I don't have much friends but that doesn't bother me much, I've learned not to be friends with so many people. in society, there will be people who will befriend you just to backstab you. I prefer a small group of best friends who are there for me then a lot of so called ''friends'' who only want to see my downfall. I'm not that easy to beat down so good luck with that.
Life so far has been meaningless. My true love has come and gone, my fault for not being strong enough to tell her how I feel. Hopefully, one day I will get the chance to be with her. I would love to be the reason why she smiles. I hope she likes me back too but if not then its life. I've been left alone with my thoughts and I keep thinking about her smile, how I loved being the reason why she smiled. The smallest of things remind me of her, from the scent of her old clothes to the sound of music that she was so fond of, to the songs we used to sing together and even the places we used to go. Not a single day passes where I don't think of her.
I love her til the end, and even down in hell, i'll keep loving her.
Maybe one day she will be mine.