I sounded like an old commercial for the army in my last post! No, I'm not their paid spokesman, and am not looking to be one.

To elaborate further on that last post regarding choosing a quality mate, I should make clear what I mean by quality. Quality can be seen physically, we all like attractive people so that's easy to do. But there's more to quality than what you see, and I'm driving at issues of character and intelligence. Believe it or not, many do not care about these things. How do I know? It shows and is visible as well. Think about it, you meet people whose character contains little more than the simple drive to get instant gratification at as little cost as possible. Free is even better! That's great if you're part of a horde of locusts consuming/destroying everything in it's path, but we're not locusts, are we?

Some of us seem to be. Some are not.