So, today marks ten years that I have been on this website. It seems silly, at first, to think I should make this day special, but there is a reason for it. It really was one of my best days ever.

10 years ago, I had just turned 15, and gotten switched out of Art, and into Orchestra. What I didn't know about our tiny Orchestra class(there was less than 10 of us) was that we would join with a middle school class, and go to different retirement homes and elementary schools, and play Christmas songs. This Christmas Tour turned out to be a lot of fun. Who wouldn't enjoy getting to miss almost a whole day of school, leaving during first period to eat early, then collecting the other students, before heading off to play all around town? Or going to the mall for a break, and then getting to go back to school, dragging it out just long enough to show up for the last class period of the day?

That night, I was talking to my online friend, the very first, actually. It was before 10 that night, that she gave me a website url to check out. I wrote it down, and told myself I would definitely check it out, since it was so short.

The first thing I saw, upon clicking this website, was the anime styled art in the header, and what really impressed me, believe it or not, was the holly berry leaves on each corner of the advertised links. I went to join right away, and was wowed by the avatar creation set up. You mean I could make my own little anime character, and have my own adventures?! I was sold that night, and faithsessence was created.

I remember those days after, coming home from school to watch tv and explore this new world. The map, decked out in all its Christmas glory, delighted me, and with my childish imagination, I could see my avatar wandering down those cobbled paths to talk to these NPCs. I remember disliking Ian at first, and feeling as if the sentiment were the same.

I still remember my first outfit, and my first post. 'Yaoi is nasty, and Aquilae, I can't see your pic' It's so funny now. After that, I jumped into roleplay, and Barton Town was my home for the next year or so. I visited threads in Commerce, which had its own main forum, and still remember when the school and home RPs were given their own sub forum. I still remember a handful of names from those times, and even, managed to subscribe to one of the first role plays I joined. 'Vampire Academy RP' saw me sneaking in as a hunter. rofl