Yesterday, my soul mate and I were initiated into Reiki, Level I. It was a wonderful experience to feel how our chakras opened and the universal healing energy starts flowing through our body to our hands , raising its temperature , warmer , unmistakable symbol Reikists .
We learned to be channels , cables that connect to the earth bringing the energy of the universe to heal the world .

What is Reiki?

The human touch conveys warmth , serenity and healing. It also conveys affection and love.
Any living body radiates heat and energy. That energy is the source of life, when it leaves the body, life ends . This is what the Japanese call Ki ( Ch'i or Prana ) .
The person who is tuned as Reiki healing agent has the energy channels open and free for initiation to Reiki .
It is not a religion nor it's tied to them.
After initiation into Reiki I the person becomes a channel for universal energy healing . All he need to connect with Ki cure is to lay hands on himself or another person , animal or object, and let this energy flow naturally through itself .
Reiki heals people as a whole, at all levels : physical, emotional , mental and spiritual . Balances the chakras and energizes the aura.
The healer is not responsible for the cure , he's just a channel for the energy , therefore , the recipient may consciously or unconsciously reject the cure.
Reiki is positive and can never be used to harm .

One step more to bring happiness to the world biggrin . Thanks to my masters Daniel and Raquel. heart