We all want to believe in something special. Special things mean special purpose, and special purpose means something more than what we can see right in front of ourselves.

This is where our fantasies come from, of all the beautiful images we fancy ourselves in or imagine for others. It's the idea or the concept more than anything else that drives us to believe. Call it self-indulgence if you want, but what would the world be like if there never were a Santa Claus or a Superman or even the Little Train That Could?

So if I want to believe in the Little Fortune Cookie That Told Me So, who's to say I can't?

... well, everyone. But I can work a 9 to 5 job and still decorate my coffee mug with unicorns if I gawddamn want to. Also, if I want to take a class on how to make balloon animals, I will.

Because f*** it, that's why. You never know what's going to save the world, even if it's just my small piece of it.