It had been lots of miles since my beginning place. I suddenly ended up falling through an open door in my own mind, where I looked around to see multicolored sunset that was just barely still alive. The night hung over my head, in the place where I could never find sleep, because of the footfall of the deer who were snacking on the watermelon flavored grass, under the stormy black and orange the blended into a surreal backdrop, a wallpaper for the black and swaying trees. The breeze was gentle with the feel of my imagination- dry, gentle tidal waves of soft, electronic music to blend the sound of my softly singing voice. Even in the places I frequent, I'll dream during the day. I could walk even further, but the treasure in my bag is wearing me down. I couldn't dream any deeper, because my dreams burst into the sky, silently, into the snowy twilight... the clouds whisper around freezing rain, and wintry storms, but it's warm. Even in the last month of year two, the weather is warm.
The world pours from my eyes, tiny, crowded forests, and roads made of black ivory. I could slip and fall through the top of the clouds, because the endless miles under my feet have eaten the grip away from the bottoms of my shoes. I imagine an ocean of blue lemonade, and an underwater town where the dapper sharks all get along just fine.
I keep walking, just a bit faster, and I sing my music instead of listening to it through a pair of white headphones. I can taste the vanilla starlight with my eyes, the reflection it creates lights up my path, and shows me that the path I'm currently walking can only end with me winding up in a dark mud puddle, with a chocolate alligator. Even so, I will sleep in the road, because I can only dream of rest when my head becomes a whirlpool of bizarre ideas. I will try to use the wind as bed sheets, but it's so fragile that it breaks as it touches my skin. I near the less forested roads, where I can be sure that I'm being watched by raccoons, while they swim up tall pillars of leaves, that scrape the face of the sky... I daydream about my night dreams being longer... I would try to stretch them out even further, but then I would snap it in the middle and lose the latter half forever.
Instead, I keep walking, drowsily, tripping over my own feet, as I continue singing the same part of the same song, because it sends December chills up my spine. I walk in a crooked pattern of careless footsteps, because I'm traveling much faster with my mind. I'll be here, wide awake, trying to fall asleep in the wind, that blows my hair back. If I ever fall asleep again, who knows where I'll wake up? My dreams wash me up on warm sands, where the brightly colored palm trees dance by themselves... don't they? I can't remember.