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This is my first day back to Gaia Online. I've spent the majority of my day getting used to the new features. Mainly because I have no job training classes on Friday until the next semester rolls in after the New Year. Not college either. A program if you will. Hopefully, my stay will be longer in Gaia than before. I've missed this place for there is memories to be held. There are many things I've missed. Meeting mature people and customizing my avatar into the nearly perfect Avi is one of them. A favorite thing to do to make an avatar look great throughout hardwork. Its almost the same way people use to keep their clothing styles in check. But with different methods, of course. I prefer Savior to be a nickname for those who do not know my real name. Or any clever name that involves Final Fantasy. I was excited to arrive back here to spend part of my spare time here. Nevertheless, this blog progress won't be permanent. At least not with the real life banter. Things like stories will be told and feedback will be needed. If anyone is interested then read to your heart's context. My quest to complete my dream avatar for my main avi also began today. Its one of the main objectives on Gaia for me. Anyways, thanks for reading the entry.~