Here's a little intro to my "smut BOOK!" Enjoy

Two sweaty bodies, under a white silk cover, heavy panting echo trough the empty hallways. All seemed so overplayed. Suddenly, a buzz from the doorbell interrupted Master's little morning routine.

Meanwhile one floor below, Butler was making his way to answer the door. On the other side a officer stand stern and confident with a clipboard of papers in one hand and his other hand on his belt. Butler opens the door and greets the lawman nonchalantly:

"What business do you have with the Master today?"

"uh Butler, yes! Please inform Master that early this morning an orphan fled from the shelter. If you be so kind to pass this message along, keep a look out for the child. She was last spotted running around the neighborhood." Just as Butler nods Master appears from behind only wearing his red silk robe. His skin glisten when the light of the sun touch his skin.

"If i see a child running around, you'll be the first to know officer"

Master closed the door and made his way to the kitchen, yawning and stretching. Maid was already preparing breakfast. Master inhaled a deep slow breath. A sent of crispy bacon waft into the air. Warm fluffy bread, fresh from the oven and hot roasted coffee.