Everything just seems out of place
like nothing has any meaning
and nothing matters

sometimes i feel like i work too hard
and at times i feel like i dont do enougth

i wish i could fly really high
reach everything i want
but i feel like my wings are broken
and try as i might i cant reach many of the things i plan on

maybe its just my lonelyness getting to me
talking in my place
but i cant help it
i dont want to let anyone in
cause youll get mad
you wont like it
youll feel jelous
and even though i am just looking for a friend
you might thing its more than that

but in reality i would never hurt you
i could never hurt you
cause my love for you its so big
that look at me
here i am waiting for you
not knowing basicly anything
and believing your words when you say that everything is ok
when in my heart
i dont feel ok
i feel really alone
but i want to believe you and i try so hard to do so...

i am scared
really scared
of asking for your attention cause at times i dont feel like i desserve it
or at times i just dont want you yelling at me cause i need you

Maybe you think i am just being silly
but well i dont know how else to act
you bring me such happiness
and being with you make me smile
so dont want to stop
i cant stop

I am not addicted to you
but i love you
and love is stronger
cause even thougth i could do everything without you here
i would never be happy cause i need you

i dont got anyone else after all
i devoted myself to you
is doing that something bad ?
what am i doing wrong ?
do i bore you?

guess ill never know
i wish that i was breaver so i could tell you the things i feel
things like this
head on
but i am scared of you yelling at me
hurting me
when i am this fragile
when i am this broken

I am here to make you smile
to keep you strong
an not put preassure on you
even if
well maybe all i need its you
i really need you

I want you to follow your dreams and fly
even if many times ill be left behind waiting anxiously for your return
even if i am tore to pieaces
atleast i am able to help you find a place in wich you belong