A voice breaks the silence. It heaves a great sigh before speaking in a arrogant, condescending manner.

"Oh, my...the little vessel has gone and lost it's familiar."

The voice tsked and continued, making a spiteful chuckle.

"Haah, your little dollie managed to seal me in an attempt to give you a better chance at life, and this is what you do with it."

Violet slowly begins to stir.

"Ahh! She awakens. I really must thank you, dearest. That little fight you had weakened the hold your 'teacher' had on me."

"What...?," Violet murmured, eyes still closed.

"But, do not worry, little witchling. You will be returned to your body before long."
The voice then made a soft, menacing snicker.
"Though, whether you'll keep your body after, is still yet to be determined."

A tear slid down Violet's face.

"Who are you?"

Maniacally, the voice responded.

"When I finally emerge, you shall know soon enough, my dearest. Of course, by then, my name will be of little importance to you. Or, anything else, for that matter."

The voice then began to fade, making a small cackle, and leaving Violet with an ominous farewell.

"Have fun in Limbo."