Yay! This year I managed to make a good winter look on my avatar! heart Though holding the cigarette is now wrong since I no longer smoke but use the vaporizer. Then just after getting the vaporizer my college suddenly sends this email saying that they banned anyone using a vaporizer inside the building and making it the same as smoking crying . Sure the school is a "tobacco free zone" but the vaporizer is 100% tobacco free! Hard to believe it! scream

Anyway, I haven't been on gaia for some time and just got back on during Halloween and got lots of moolah twisted . It's been really busy and everything so I haven't updated my avatar that much or my journal entries. Guess I should think about what to do about that. Not much can be said except the going on's with school and such.

So finals week is in two weeks and I got so much to get done I'm afraid I'll procrastinate because it's so daunting crying . But I will do it sweatdrop

Ah, I really can't wait for finals to be over. The next problem will be selling back the college books. The math program we use for our math classes are now making it official that we don't buy the books since they're trying to make it all online. They're just cheapskates stressed ! After using one math book they made it so we couldn't sell it back and now this semester they're taking out math books entirely! Cheapskates! Scoundrels! Schemers! How dare they do this! scream stressed evil scream
They're making so much trouble for me this semester crying