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Journey to Greatness
A story that can't be summarized..by me
A Stay in Texas
I remember when I was young my parents both went through a bad drug-frenzy, and through my youth, I obviously didn't know what was going on. I would simply play my video games to hide the harsh reality in front of me. My mother took my brother, sister and I to Texas one day to escape from her meth addiction while we had no idea what was going on. She started to rent a house down there and she made us put in a lot of work to settle in the shared effort. To ensure we did what we were told, she took our video games away..although I might have been the only child to have made a big deal about it through it all..I was secluded to my infinite imagination and I never wanted to leave..

We would have to help her fix up the house in many ways. The grass needed mowed, the floor boards on the upper-level were trashed and needed removed and replaced, etc..the place was sort of a wreck, to what I remember..and on top of that we had little kittens to take care of. I can't remember where the kittens came from, but I do recall that they didn't have a mother and they needed to drink milk from a baby-bottle.

I remember when I was that young, and I f*cked up so much, but I kept miraculously picking myself back up and recovering. In a way, I miss that. Now when I f*ck up, I really beat myself up over it..probably because I eventually developed a soul... Anyway, I literally f*cked up many times in Texas, I'm surprised my mother had time for a nuisance like me, and I don't recall my brother and sister ever f*cking up as much as I did. One day, I was told to go mow the lawn on the riding-mower around the house..and that's when I had my first f*ck up down there. I was thinking deeply on the magnificent story-line of "Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones" and how I wished I was in a realm like that..when all of a sudden..BAAAAMM!!! How did I not notice the house that was obviously in front of me? I hit the electricity box and the power was out for the rest of the time we spent there. My mom was beyond pissed off.

After that incident, I was prohibited from the lawn mower and got stuck with work inside. Later we all had to tear the molding from the floor and ceiling on every wall in the living-room as well as the wall outlets. During our breaks, depending on how well we did working determined the amount of time the breaks were..and I spent every amount of time I had playing video games. Sometimes I would play the PlayStation 2, but most of the time I'd play my Gameboy Advance working on the same game's progress, and I was close to beating it.

One day while we were all there, we were outside sitting next to the road..our mother wanted us to advertise the kittens there. We couldn't really take care of them on our own. I was a little angry about it though, I loved those kittens, they were adorable and cute and I loved them. So instead of trying to attract people on the side of the street to her cause, I tried to pissed them off. My brother was sitting there passively from what I remember, he was such a well-behaved child. I can't remember much of what my sister did down there..in fact, I don't remember my sister doing anything at all...maybe she wasn't with us in Texas...I hated her guts and shut her from my mind as I was young. Anyway, I was seeking attention from my brother and I wanted to play a little game. I would finish off my drink mom gave me to keep hydrated (it was hot as sh*t during the time,) and I would put the empty bottle in the road to watch explode as cars drove over it accidentally...it was a game of accuracy and precision, you had to know exactly when and where the tires would roll. Anyway, I laid my bottle out in the road, and a car ran over it..then my brother and I busted out laughing..suddenly the car slows down, a guy yells something out his window and flips us off. I was a little threw off balance by that, because mom would always tell me that the middle finger was a no-no. So I went to go tell her what happened, and she got pissed, taking us both inside to do work instead..heh heh, I shouldn't have told her the part where I was laying my bottle in the road to explode. When I got in trouble, I was grounded from my video games..I wasn't allowed to play for a couple days to a week...it killed me inside...but I learned from it.

More days passed and my work was on the upper-level, tearing old plywood from the balcony and throwing it down to the ground below us..it was heavy work for a kid my age..I think I was maybe around 10-12 at the time. Anyway, my last f*ck up there occurred on that balcony. I was throwing old plywood and sh*t down and I didn't even notice the kittens playing around with each other in the grass below..they were usually meowing annoyingly, which let us know they were awake and didn't know what to do...except this one time they weren't meowing, and I had no idea the kitties were out playing..a board I threw landed on one of the poor little ones..and I heard a scream and meow of terror from below..I looked down in fear for the worst. Then mom started screaming "Devon!". I was so scared, and I ran down to see what happened and one of the cat's legs were broken..I was relieved that none of the other cats were hurt, but I was still frightened and sad that I had hurt one of them.

My mom was devastated, as was I..there was nothing we could do..the kitten was in pain for hours before it finally stopped crying, we had gotten a popsicle stick to hold it's leg up for the time being..as time passed, my mom took the kitten to my grandfather..and he put em' down. It was a pure tragedy, and I could only imagine that he enjoyed killing that kitten..ever since then, I've come to completely mistrust him, and the tension had only gotten worse as time developed and I grew.
Later on, mom sold the rest of the kittens to a family who would love them and take care of them..and the fighting between my parents had ceased, mom agreeing to return to Alabama with my dad for a start fresh, as they had both completely withdrew from their meth addiction... In the room upstairs after we packed up and were almost ready to leave Texas, I played some more "Fire Emblem" the Sacred Stones" and I had finally beat the game..and that took all of the pain and suffering, all of that which I had experienced during the month or two I was there, and threw it away. Beating that game made me completely dismiss the Texas situation, and from there on out, my life continued in the video games of which I build my life upon...so long ago. Now that I think of it, I really put my mother through hell and back whilst I was with her and her withdrawals, I was such a burden. Then again, I was a spoiled and lazy kid...the only thing that gave me such adventurous imagination was through video games.

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    Sat Jan 04, 2014 @ 06:47am

    hey have you gotten any of my messages?

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    Sun Jan 05, 2014 @ 09:43pm

    Not really lol, did you read this?

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