I'm so over Brittany and Derrick having loud and obnoxious sex EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Seriously. Is it REALLY necessary to shout like you're filming a cheap porno, as well as have the bed posts beat against the wall to where my wall decorations shake? Is it really necessary to do so sporadically throughout the night between 10pm and 6am? Every night? Like doesn't that get old? Where is the class? Seriously. No sex is as good as you're making it out to be.

I've had sex. I know it's good and fun and all that, but I also know that it is something that is shared between you and your partner and that's it. (unless you're into ménage å trois or something like that) Or well, I believe so, I mean, I don't go around shouting to the entire world, "I HAD SEX LAST NIGHT biggrin " because I think it's something kind of personal. Ja and I have are intimate, but the entire building doesn't know it. I'm sure that other people in the building are intimate as well, but I don't know about their sex life because they don't do what they do.

This has gone on for years. They're adults. I mean, come on, act like it.

Ignore me. I'm ranting. Every time I call the police on these idiots, they a. never come, b. get angry at me for calling for "unnecessary reasons." It's disturbing me and the entire building, I'm just the only one who has the balls to do something about it, but nothing gets done because yeah, apparently I call the dispatch too often.

Someone please buy my condo. It's a lovely neighborhood, and it'd be a quiet building if it weren't for the sexters upstairs. biggrin