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Dear Diary
"The machinations of my mind are an enigma." - Patrick Star
My Sophmore Year [Recap pt. 1]
My sophomore year in high school, I really screwed up. My grades have never been better, but I'm fairly certain that my social life dwindled in a downwards spiral. Let me start off by saying that at the beginning, I was in an 8 month long relationship with a guy who'd just graduated high school and was going to college at UC Irvine. Then I realized, I am 15. What the hell do I look like getting tied down by some guy that'll be hundreds, thousands of miles away? Also, I had a crush on this guy in my chemistry class at the time. Sounds really bad, but again, I was young and dumb. So I broke it off with the guy and we both parted ways. After that, it seemed like he always came around. Like, whenever he came back, he'd go to my badminton practice or swing club practice.
My friend, who had been in a 2 year relationship, had gotten cheated on and broken up with. Of course she was heartbroken, but she bounced back. But it seemed like she bounced back in the worst way possible. She became such a... Slut. She got into a *kind of* relationship with this guy, Paolo. Time skip, he broke it off with her and she went on a wild rampage talking s**t about the guy.
All the meanwhile, I was talking about her behind her back with my best friend. But it wasn't like you would think. It wasn't like "Oh she's such a ******** slut. Close your legs, you fat whore!" It was more along the lines of "I don't understand why she's doing this. She's so much better than that. Honestly, I'm starting to hate what she's doing."
And then I begin to "talk" to the Paolo guy she'd gotten dumped by. I don't know how or when it happened, but he ended up screwing me over. I later found out he was a compulsive liar and he was just full of s**t. Plus, he plays girls. A lot. And has sex with girls. A lot. AND ANYWAYS. Skipping to the good part.
So get this, my best friend decides to take it upon herself to tell the girl who got dumped that I didn't like her.
********. (Friends ******** suck, btw).
So all my friends stopped talking to me because the girl who got dumped was going around talking s**t on me. My best friend had even stopped talking to me because the girl who got dumped told her that I was saying s**t about her, which I wasn't.
So here I am, a sophomore in high school with so much to learn, and I'm alone.
I was so, so alone...
I took up roleplaying.
I ended up going out with this d**k ******** s**t faced a** ******** from chemistry (No, it was not the guy I crushed on the beginning of the year). But how he became a d**k ******** s**t faced a** ******** is another story for another journal entry.
For months, I weeded out the "fake" friends, which also included my best friend. Later, she came to apologize to me, realizing that I wasn't a fake friend and that I'm the real, true friend that she has.
I still hold a grudge against her two years later for completely ******** up and telling the girl who got dumped that I didn't like her. ******** you, Angie.
I end sophomore year with a boyfriend and my best friend and a whole lot of people who don't like me because of some s**t-talking girl.

[I'll be adding in journal entries by year. Not that you care. No one's reading this anyways lol]

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