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Bright Moon Rising
Just a place to put my writings if people want to read them :)
Dream story
Living up on a really high hill had it's advantages. You can see almost everywhere at once, the view is spectacular (depending on where you live) and if you are high enough it's almost like you can touch the clouds. But living on a really high hill had it's disadvantages too, like a huge arrow sign advertising the latest greatest craze, the Crystal Beads Bracelets. Did I mention this sign was mechanical and included sound? No? Well I did now.

The day dawned really cloudy, It was a bit creepy yet totally fascinating to watch the clouds pass each other looking huge and puffy. I would have welcomed the rain but the sun was trying to peek through, which made me a little disappointed. 
I woke up a little late for school that day which had me grabbing toast and dashing out the door. 

Oh hey did I mention that my bus stop was the arrow sign of hell and that it is practically right in my back yard? No? Damn I keep forgetting to mention these things. 

Anyway, I walked a little slowly, enjoying the scenery and the cloudy weather, trying to take in the fresh air and vastness to which I could see the city below. It was just a quiet day, except for the jumbo-tron screen blaring the latest advertisement for our latest greatest craze. This one boasted how even Chad Montgomery made bracelets and how you could win a trip to see him. 

Not gunna lie, the dude is hot! But I highly doubted he tinkered with little fake crystal beads. Still though, it would be awesome to meet him! 

So as I approached the sign and made my way around it, I hear Darcy and Jessica twittering away about it. (no, really, they were Tweeting their conversation about how they'd just die if they won the contest)

Seeing and hearing it wanted to make me gag, I wanted to vomit when I saw their latest creation, Crystal Beads Bracelets with actual 10 carat crystal beads! Wish I had that kind of money. (Still, it made me wonder what they were doing in public school, my guess, their parents wanted to flaunt how rich they were and what better way to do it then to send your kid to a poor school with a diamond studded lunch box) 

Feeling ill from the sight of girls gossiping and gushing about what they'd do if they won, I sat on one of the non-moving parts of the sign and just waited for the bus to come. 

Now when I said that you could see everywhere from up here, I wasn't lying. The highway that ran below (and to which our behemoth sign was made for) looked congested as it always did in the mornings, which made getting to school a nightmare sometimes and even more nightmarish when you had to make it to first period on time.

But this day it looked like Stanley was making good time up our windy road. 
He was almost to our stop when I realized that Twitch wasn't here yet.
s**t! He was always late these days. Couldn't blame him though, the hell sign WAS in his back yard! 

So of course I had to run, hop his fence and bang on his window. "Yo Twitch, get up! The bus is almost here!" I yelled then listened closely to hear if he was up.
It took a bit but I heard, "Yea, yea! I'm up, I'm up!" 
There was some banging and cursing but then the window opened and he climbed out, pop tart in mouth.

"Damn dude what is taking you so long these days?" I asked, as I hopped back over the fence.
"You try living with that POS in your back yard, babbling about crap you don't care about and see how much sleep you get?!" 

He had a point there. When they put the sign in the sound of the mechanics was bad enough, but when they added the jumbo-tron noise to it, it was a million times worse and made all the Ross's testy. They are currently fighting the company in court to at least make their house sound proof, if that doesn't work they are going to move. (I so did not want that to happen)

The bus was at our stop now, so we sped walked over and got in line. 
"God I didn't sleep a wink last night! I'm gunna need at least five Red Bulls to keep me awake!" He said as we clambered on to the bus and maneuvered our way toward a free seat in the back.

You see Twitch's addiction to energy drinks is exactly why we call him Twitch. I keep telling him that it's an unhealthy addiction and that if he keeps it up, his heart is going to jump right out of his chest! But does he listen? NO! Men...

Anyway, before he can even grab a can from his backpack, his head is on my shoulder and he's fast asleep. 

Smiling I put my ear buds in and cranked up my music to drown out the crowd. Nothing gets your morning going like loud slightly metal music.

As we near school, I gently poke sir sleeps a lot (when he's not at home) and tell him if he wants to feed his addiction he'd better do it before we reach school grounds. 

See school agrees with me and has tried to put a ban on all energy drinks. It hasn't quite worked though because even though in school you don't see a single can, outside is another story. Talk about litter bugs, I guess when you are all amped up you forget that a trash can is your friend and just leave the drink can lay where ever, hence why the baseball field dugouts were filled by the end of school. 

We pulled up to the front curb outside school and as Twitch downed his first can of the day, disembarked from the bus, thanking Stanley for his services. It's not like the man had much of a choice, it was his job to take us to school, but at least he did it with a smile and lame jokes.

I could feel him chasing me through the crowd, yelling my name over and over trying to get me to stop. But that was the last thing I was about to do. How could I have been so stupid? How could I have given any kind of love towards this guy? He was just using me as a publicity stunt, to boost his own ego and self worth. He never loved me...he never cared...he only wanted to show the world he could get a girl from the sticks to fall for him and be his little puppy dog! 
Then it hit me, Twitch was right...he was right about everything! I took a sharp left through the crowd and ducked behind a tall guy to try to lose Chad. 
To my relief he kept going past so at that point I ducked my head trying to hide the tears from all the clubbers there and tried to make a hasty retreat. But then the mix song Twitch made for me, came on and made me stop dead in my tracks. My head snapped up and I looked all around me trying to find him. 
"He's here!" I thought, as I kept searching, "He's right here somewhere!" 
Then I found him and it was like in all the movies where the characters eyes lock and the world just slows while they make their way to each other. 
I s**t you not, that is exactly what happened.
Our eyes met, the frown on his face turned into his most brightest smile, the smile (I finally realized) that belonged only to me. It's cheesy to say that, but it didn't take a car to hit me to get it this time around. 
So I ran to him, dodging all the dancers, weaving in and out and trying to keep my eyes locked on him while he made his way towards me.
When we met the first thing he did (as the guy characters usually do in these situations) was take my face in his hands and kiss me.
"Finally, I had a hard time finding you in this crowd," he whispered, "I figured if I got the DJ to play my song for you, you'd know I was here, looking for you."
"How did you know I'd know?" I asked.
"Because, you're not stupid. Because we are connected like nobody else in this world. You know me inside and out Angel, same as I know you." He said, smiling.
Leaning his forehead to mine, he leaned in and kissed me again.
Note to this story: she wins the contest, goes to La meets chad, falls for him, they go out, he just does it for publicity she finds out, meanwhile twitch tries to get her to see that's what chad was doing all along, in the end she realizes twitch really likes her and they go out

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    TJ SunBurst
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    commentCommented on: Sun Dec 15, 2013 @ 01:32am
    Quite interesting. I like it.

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