To be honest... this is the first time ever I have had to study so hard for something that I desperately wanted, that I went out of my way to get tutoring, read the text at least twice, take notes and do all the book problems over and over again... just to fail.

I understand there were people who, as much as they worked hard at a goal, would not achieve it... I never thought I was one of these people, especially in something as simple as passing a class.

I believed with my heart and soul that engineering would be the field I was destined to be in, the only one where I would succeed and the only one that was right for me, but this one class is stopping me because I cannot pass it's exams no matter how hard I try.

It makes me extremely upset, but this is one of those times where I will say... things happen for a reason, there must be a reason I cannot succeed in this field, there must me something else I am looking for, that I am supposed to do. I know I won't be one of those people who will end up working in a retail position, but I won't be a professional engineer either, it seems.

I really wish there was another option that was not going through college, since I don't know of any, I just have to slave through. I guess I will see how things will go from now on because... damn, my only dreams have gone down the drain, as hard as I have tried. BUT I am trying to keep my head up and on the look out for more opportunities to be successful and happy =)