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Yay It's Molly's Blog!
My Gaian/real life.
1. How tall are you?
5 foot 5

2. How much do you weigh?
A lot. Lol

3. What color is your hair naturally?

4. What color are your eyes naturally?

5. What is your skin like?
Very white.

6. How would you describe your body?
Big. Lol

7. How would you describe your face?
Heart shaped.

8. How would you describe your lips?

9. How would you describe your teeth?

10. What size jeans do you wear?
Too big. Lol

11. What size top?

12. What is your favorite color to wear?

13. Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time?

14. Favorite type of styles(apparel):
I like pastel colors, studs, galaxy print, skulls, animal print.

15. Right handed or Left handed?

16. What kind of accent do you have?
Some people say I have a southern accent because I'm from Kentucky but I don't really think I have one.

17. What language(s) would you like to master?
I like my own.

18. Are you a introvert or extrovert?
It depends.

19. Do you have any piercings?

20. Do you have any tattoos?

21. What does your screen name stand for?
Nothing really, just yay. It's Molly.

22. What do you believe are your best qualities?
My sense of humor, my kindness/

23. What are some things you are really good at?
Writing, drawing.

24. Are you a strong willed person?

25. Do you care how other people see you?
Not really.

26. Do you like sports?

27. Do you exercise?
No hahaha!

28. Do you believe in love at first sight?

29. Do you believe everyone has a soul mate?

30. How do you feel about age differences in relationships?
I think age differences are okay to a certain extent. My parents are 15 years apart. To me it all depends when you started dating.

31. How do you feel about race differences in relationships?
I don't think race plays any part in love. I don't think you should love someone more or less because of their race.

32. How do you feel about distance and culture in relationships?
I don't really know what you mean by culture but as far as distance goes, I don't think distance is good. I hate being away from my fiance.

33. Do you believe in karma or fate?

34. Do you believe in luck?

35. Are you religious?
In some ways.

36. Do you practice any type of metaphysics (like meditation)?

37. What is your favorite gem or stone?
My favorite is probably either onyx or amethyst.

38. Can you sing?
No but I like to anyway. Haha.

39. Can you play any instruments?
I used to play the drums lol.

40. What is your favorite candy?
Snickers, Hersheys Cookies and Cream.

41. What are you favorite foods?
Pizza, biscuits and gravy, chicken

42. Any foods you would like to try?
Not really.

43. How to do feel about napping and sleeping?
It's my favorite lol

44. Do you keep a journal?
Yes I do.

45. Do you dream things before they happen?
Not really.

46. Describe the last dream you remember:
Omg 2 Chainz came to my 21st birthday party.

47. Describe your favorite dream:
I don't really have one.

48. Ever wished someone would ask you to run away or move with them?
Not really.

49. What would be the best gift someone could get you right now?
Stuff for my wedding lol

50. Have you ever shopped till you dropped?
Hahaha YES!

51. Where are some places you would like to visit?
Italy, Ireland, London, Germany

52. What is your favorite thing about the beach?
Laying out relaxing by the water smile

53. Any upcoming concerts you want to attend?
Not that I know of lol.

54. What songs do you listen to when you are happy?
Like Ke$ha and stuff lol

55. What songs do you listen to when you are mad?
Umm I don't know.

56. What songs do you listen to when you are strengthened/determined?
Roar by Katy Perry lol c:

57. What are your favorite love songs?
1. This I Promise You. 2. A Thousand Years. 3. I Will Always Love You and 4. How Do I Live

58. What song do you keep hearing over and over again?
Hmm I don't know.

59. What celebrity would you marry?

60. What is the first thing you would do if you won five million dollars?
Buy me and my family a new house.

61. Do you prefer showers or baths?

62. What do you do for relaxation?
Read or write or cuddle with my baby.<3

63. Do you like to burn candles or incense?
Both smile

64. What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?
I don't remember.

65. What are your favorite alcoholic beverages?
Well I haven't drank enough to really know.

66. Do you smoke?

67. How do you feel about your family?
I love my family to death.

68. Who is your number 1 friend and why is he or she there?
My number 1 friend is my fiance because he's been there with me through everything, and he loves me unconditionally.

69. Has anyone ever mistaken you for a family member?

70. Your view on children:
I love children, I babysit my niece and nephews all the time. I'd like to have some of my own someday.

71. Do you have any pets?
Yes 4 smile

72. Activities you enjoy:
Reading, writing, drawing, watching TV and movies, listening to music.

73. Stuff you plan to do this year:
This year's almost over. So for the rest of 2013, I'd like to celebrate Christmas, plan my wedding, and try to find a pretty dress.

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