sooooo i know i put a character thing in here before but i have since done a major reconstruction on things. The look of the character and many other things have changed. So i just thought i would post the updated version redface

Name: Luniana
Hair: Long, wavy, Knee length (?), bangs. Can be both across and sideswept. Majority is reddish brown, but it fades to white towards the bottom. She has a ribbon tied in her hair (?), Often wears it pulled back or up to keep it out of her face. Maybe some beads and feathers.
Eyes: Golden green, maybe blue. A little bit of white under and around her eyes.
Makeup: She doesn't really wear any. Possibly for special occasions.
Animal: Axis deer. Deer ears and tail. Her ears are high on her head. They are black tipped with white along the bottom and white fur inside.
Clothes: Grey (?) over sized baggy sweater, black tank top underneath, black leggings, red (?) skirt brown boots, sometimes knee high black socks with cute things at the top, in the summer time she sticks to tank tops and shorts while being barefoot most of the time. She usually carries a bag with cute animal pins and other things attached to it. Key-chains etc. belt,
Piercings and tattoos: Ears. Flowers possibly on her arm or side (?), Black choker necklace that her brother made. It doesn't bother her when her clothes are ripped or baggy. She'll wear them anyways. Especially since she is in the forest most of the time and no one else will see her. Nose (?) little mushroom earrings. Spider bite piercing.
Age: 17-24 (?)
Weight/Height: 100 to 110 pounds, 4'10 or 4'11
Type of body/build: Slender, but not scrawny. Skinny but not sickeningly so. She's on the strong side for a girl. She's a good runner/jumper and is very fast. Her legs have become strong from traveling over rugged woodland terrain. She is a good swimmer. Her chest is of a moderate size.
Skin tone: Light tan
Shape of face: Oval
Distinguishing marks: She has a scar around her right ankle from a hunters trap. She has some small white spots (similar to freckles) going down her arms and sides. Also on her back and her cheeks. She has two black bands on her lower arms (?). She has a black stripe down her spine. She also has a small gap between her two front teeth (?).
Health: Moderate health. Occasionally catches the flu or a cold, but she is healthy for the most part.
Favorite color: Purple
Food: She is a vegetarian for the most part. Fruits and vegetables, cheese things like that. She will eat meat if its a live or die situation though. She's not a vegetarian because its harmful to animals, but because its healthier.
Mode of transport: She prefers to travel by foot and walk to most places. She can't drive herself so if she needs to go a far distance she will ask her brothers or a friend to take her somewhere or take her bike/Rollerblades.
Hobbies: Swimming, running, exploring. She also enjoys reading books that she finds or sometimes steals. She is also talented at drawing/painting.
How does she spend a rainy day? : She loves the rain, so she can usually be found playing and dancing in it, trying to get her brothers to have fun in it. If she isn't outside in it, shes inside with a book watching and listening to it. The sound of rain has always soothed her. It rained after her parents died and it felt like it washed the pain away, helped her to start her life again.
Daredevil or cautious? : She's more of a daredevil, but she can be cautious at times. It depends on the people and the situation. With people she knows she's very loud, out going and does what she wants. New people kind of scare her, so she retreats into her shell and doesn't say much.
Does she act the same when shes alone as she would with someone else? : no. When she's by herself she lets herself be more sensitive and dreamy. Its when she does most of her drawing and painting.
Personality: She can be dreamy and even a bit naïve. Although she would never admit it. She's out going but can also be shy. Especially when it comes to her own art or something shes made herself. She asks a lot of questions when shes really curious about something. She likes to be solitary (with the exception of her brothers and a few select people) and she prefers to be in the wilderness where everything has a reason and a place. Shes explored every inch of the forest since she was little and knows every secret place and animal. She feels more at home in the forest. She's smart and very resourceful, even though her appearance doesn't always show that.
Drinks: Usually water. She gets it from the spring in front of there cabin.
Greatest strength: Shes very fast and loyal. She sticks up for what she believes in.
Greatest weakness: Her stubbornness.
Soft spot: She craves salt constantly
Is their soft spot obvious? : Not really
If not, how do they hide it? : She carries salty things in her pockets or bags
Hometown: . Her brother then moved to the forest to do some research and so she moved with him. Her other brother still lives in town.
Pets: Other than the wild animals in the forest, she has a pet rat. She carries him around with her in her bag. There is a wolf that protects her and her home.
Type of childhood: She was raised by her older brothers most of her life. Her parents died early on, and so she was left to them. She stays with them because she doesn't want to lose anyone else. She wants to stay with them for as long as she can. Shes in no hurry to grow up.
First memory:
Most important childhood event that still affects her: Her parents death.
Religion: none
Mother: Deceased
Relationship: She doesn't really remember her.
Father: Deceased
Relationship: She doesn't really remember him.
Siblings: She has two older twin brothers.
Optimist or pessimist: Shes a pretty good mixture of both.
Introvert or Extrovert:
Defenses: She uses a bow and a little bit of air magic.
Birthday: 1989 (?)

Her bedroom: Messy, yet still organized. Many stuffed animals, her rats tank on her dresser. Her room is Light purple. Lavender maybe. Christmas lights hung on the wall. Posters, art that she's done. A few sculptures done by her brother. Clothes and blankets/pillows on the floor as well as in the dresser and closet. Four book cases with a wide variety of books.
The cabin: Her and her brother Flick (or flip) (her other brother is named Alexander) live there. Its close to the center of the forest next to a spring. Her brother was sent to finish there parents research after completing school. Its a log cabin that was built by a distant relative. They lived there before her parents died, but they hadn't been back until he needed to finish the research. A little garden is in the front, under the kitchen window. A shed out back with wood and its also where birch does his sculptures. A reading nook in one of the windows. She spends lots of time there reading and drawing. The seat and the area around it is covered with her scattered drawings and books.

Possibly a boy she used to like but he died and she still has nightmares about it? Maybe.
She has nightmares about her parents and about her brother alexander. She is a little psychic? Can see spirits? Helps with nature spirits at night maybe