Mantra is sound and vibration. Everything in the Universe vibrates. We are vibration .
The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit: man , which means mind, and tra, which has the sense of protection, and instrument. Mantras are resources to protect our minds against the unproductive cycle of thought and action . Apart from its beneficial aspects vibrational , mantras serve to focus and quiet the mind.

The mantras uses a subliminal channel but with good intentions . No need to intellectualize the "meaning" or the symbolism of their sound to experiment its effects on us. The sound rhythm works on the unconscious level and eventually saturate the conscious thoughts , which in turn affect the rhythms. The conscious repetition of the mantra uses sound as a vehicle that connects us with the higher chakras outside the body because there is no way to access them through the logic. The sound carries a certain frequency and the body recognizes. Through repetition of the mantra that contains the same information vanishes leaving only the sound and soothing effect on our mind.

Mantras can be used alone or as part of a display , or even internally within a repeating meditation.
You can also use mantras as "protectors of the mind " while you walk or work and even when sitting meditating.
If you're saying the Mantra aloud allowed to resonate in your chest ... When you travel or on similar occasions , use it to spend time.
End mantras with an exhalation , but do not worry about it, slowly find your rhythm. Mantra must go with your breath and not vice versa. Do not think about the meaning of the mantra.
Don't worry about pronunciation, what counts is the spirit, the intention with which you do it.

Finally , let your singing volume go down gradually until it ceases to be an external sound and will only listen to your interior.
At the conclusion dive into the vibration of silence after practice, it has a cooling effect to your mind and emotions. heart