Hello dear friends, this is my first post on my journal. How exiting! Every day you'll be able to find some quick, useful information to improve a complete happy life, conscious and healthy.

In my kitchen, there's a board painted wall, and written in colourful charcoals, you can read 5 easy rules for a happy life:

1_Free your heart of rancor. Forgive.
2_Free the mind of worries, most will never materialize.
3_Live simply and appreciate what you have.
4_Give more.
5_Expect less.

This are easy clues, but full of wisdom. Reading them every morning will let you start your day in a positive way, calmed, whith the certainty that nothing is going to dissapoint you, or let you down. I add to this a final and very important step:


Love is the most powerful feeling, through it, you can change your world. Give it a try! heart