I've been on and off of Gaia since May 10th, 2005. I've seen Gaia in many different stages and directly witnessed the transformations that have occurred. I've had numerous accounts, been hacked numerous times for my items while inactive, accumulated millions of Gold, invested thousands of hours on Gaia Online; without spending a penny. Despite progressing time and sporadic changes, Gaia seemed to become increasingly worse as the many months and years passed since its creation. As I reminisce, my memories of how things used to be oblige nostalgia and longing for what Gaia no longer is. I log in, navigate the website, and can't help but feel that I'm on a different website. Gaia remained functionally the same without drastic changes until zOMG was introduced in 2008. Despite the change, Gaia wasn't drastically impacted by the decision economically and Gaians were still content. I generally look for Gaians that started on Gaia around the time that I did, who witnessed the changes that I did, who can relate to my sentiment and perspective of Gaia. Gaians who wish to make a difference, and not just allow Gaia to be overrun by greed-driven corporate scam artists. There are people purchasing items for thousands of dollars, mere pixels which can be lost forever due to hacking or banning for ridiculous reasons. These people are being scammed beyond belief. It's unfair to them and all Gaia users that the site is now more based on cash than any MMO - an online game that costs $15 a month. That $15 a month is a deal breaker for many players. If the price for an item such as $20 is bad enough, what about $50, $100, or those spending thousands of dollars on Gaia items? This has a direct impact on inflation and the value of gold has decreased significantly to an unbelievable degree. Mind you, this was intentional by the Gaia staff. The value of gold is becoming close to worthless as some Gaians are willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money on Gaia Cash to get items that otherwise would require countless labor in questing before. Except these same items are nearly impossible to acquire by questing now due to the aforementioned, hence our next topic. Inflation has always had a distinct variable over the marketplace and items. Inflation is a part of the natural processes of an item's maturity, supply and demand, and transactions in general, for the general population, as these variables have always been controlled by Gaians, for Gaians. However, now inflation is controlled by greed for US dollars by the new Gaia staff who have been here for a few months instead of being controlled by the users who have dedicated their time here for years. For those wishing for conditions to change, for Gaia to revert to the greatness it once was, we cannot remain stagnant. We must not spend thousands of US dollars to encourage and fuel the corporate dollar snatcher. The behavior I'm witnessing now by the staff is unacceptable and the first of its kind on Gaia. We have congregated and created a Petition ( http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/site-feedback/occupy-gaia-say-no-to-buying-gc/t.88156141_1/" id="yui-gen3 ) for these corrupt actions to cease on the grounds that Gaia Online be restored to its condition before the new Gaia staff arrived. There are enough Gaians who wish for Gaia to be reverted to how it was before the preposterous changes. The greater majority of Gaians are complaining, outraged, and many quitting due to this. Gaia used to be for Gaians, not for dollars. What used to be a community for the community is now considered a grandiose farm of cash cows, all they see in each of us is a large, green dollar sign.