Hello. This is a Female Gamzee Makara account. I believe that should explain itself. To any who don't know who Gamzee is, simply follow this link: here

As for myself. I'm a Native American female of 21 years, as well as a Capricorn/Sagittarius cusp, living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
I draw, I write, I sleep, and I roleplay. Otherwise, my social skills are sub par and my sense of humour is jet black. I lack any solid construct to my life, but I'm generally a pretty optimistic person despite it. Most every one who is close to me or knows me well finds me to be distinctly out of place within the rest of their own lives. I've never quite fit into any sort of circle correctly, and I imagine that is because any circle I should be in involves some level of unquestionably illegal or 'freak' like activities.

To give you a better idea on what I mean, I will say this: I am a Communist, Environmentalist, Anti-Human, Pro-Cannibalism, Furry with an INTJ personality type and past unpleasant enough to cause C-PTSD. Despite all of this, I do make friends easily, I'm very approachable, and - because of my own peculiar interests - happen to be the most open minded person I've ever known. I'm pansexual/omnisexual by nature. I like to dote on the people I care for and I always try to see the up side to any situation. I love to laugh above all else and prefer a comfortable silence shared between two individuals over meaningless small talk.

If you can look at all these things and still find it in yourself to befriend me, I promise I will do my best to put an honest effort into making our encounter progress. If you find you can't, that is perfectly fine. I've come to find that, for many people, I'm not quite their cup of tea (I've always imagined I'm both too bitter and too sweet, very strong, overpowering to the senses) there is nothing wrong with that, however. I don't expect everyone to like or dislike me, I'm just waiting for the people who are willing to find out where they stand.