Neysa Caldwell
The Master:

21 though many mistake her for 16 or 17


Nephilim though she believes she is human

Fearless, outspoken, warm hearted. Her curiosity gets her into quite a bit of trouble at times. She is playful at times and motherly to those who are much younger than she is. She is an observer. Neysa watches people and their actions, curiously. She is not use other's reactions and she tries her best to learn in order to fit in.


Neysa was born in poor merchant family in the southern lands. They lived in the ruins in the middle of the dry lands. They were barely making enough to get by and put food on the table. Their only daughter was sick and starving while their sons had long passed away to sicknesses themselves. In such bare land it was almost impossible for the whole family to survive. So in order for their daughter to live, her parents went to the grand temple that stands in the middle of the ruined city and gave her to a priestess that came from one of the temple of the Ancients. This was to be her home for the rest of her life. She was to live under the light of this structure, forever to be pure and untouched by evil. Once purified through rituals, runes were embedded into her skin and designs were placed permanently on her body (they are often hidden under her clothing). She was to become a 'vessel' or 'doll' that was to be used as a host for a divine being to use. This practice had died out long ago but the priestess wanted to try to summon the goddess of creation using Neysa's body and bring back the life to the land around the temple...but for some reason the priestess never could bring herself to do it. If she had and succeeded then Neysa's soul would have been broken leaving just a body.

Years had passed and Neysa grew up learning the arts of wielding light under the guidance of the priestess that took her in. She saw the priestess as a grandmother figure and even called her grannie at times (though the priestess did not like the nickname all too much). She was the only family that Neysa truly could remember having. Over the years the priestess became sick and eventually passed away leaving Neysa alone. She was unsure of what she was suppose to do. She was alone in the barren lands with no connection to anyone. Yet instead of hiding away in the temple she decided to travel to the outside world on her own.

Outside in the world, Neysa learned quickly learned that these lands were something to take lightly. The destruction and cruelty that she saw outside the temple walls was something she wasn't use to. Even at some point she had to fight to save herself from death. She has learned to accept death and murder even though it attacks the values and morals she grew up under.

Neysa moved from city to city and during her travels she had met an usual demon who was a mercenary. Since then they had traveled together and at times some times she would settled down for a few months as a healer or even as a priestess for ceremonial purposes while he went off for jobs.

She carries two daggers and a long staff that the priestess gave to her many years ago. It's made out of white wood that curves around and a small blue gem dangles from it.

During her travels, she has learned of new ways to defend herself from danger that she comes across. She can summon a light aura around herself and others to created a temporary shield.

She can create illusions using shadows and lighting. She can also melt into the light and use it to travel in a area but she cannot go through a walls. The light has to be in the same room and connected. It can only be light from the sun.

She also has strong healing abilities. She is also handy with first aid practices that she had learned in the book and is rather interested in the body's own healing process.

Neysa also has the ability to see and feel auras, along with spirits and other super natural beings that are visible to the naked eye.


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Anything I missed?:
Neysa is very curious and will approach just about anyone from the outside world. She isn't afraid of asking questions and interrupting others. Neysa is also not ashamed of nudity or any natural behaviors. she does not understand some behaviors from the outside world and wishes to learn more about them.
Her aging process is also slowed by the angelic blood that is running through her veins and soon it will make it come to a complete stop.

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