Vixen just got done with her shift and decided to take a breather in the back before heading home. Smiling up at the stars she leaned against the wall and yawned. Stretching out she cracked and rubbed the back of her neck. "Ugh..." She let out a small sigh of relief and slid down the wall until she remained seated. She'll be 21 in the morning and she's still working, her friends are out of town for the holidays so she'd be celebrating at her birthday at work by herself. She had moved out on her own and it was harder and more stressful than she'd ever imagined but she was surviving a little more than a paycheck or two ahead of her bills.

Pulling her hair back into a ponytail she scanned the sky once more taking in the night air yet sat up quickly as she saw a figure dart pass the stars, too large to be any bird that was native in her town. Standing up Vixen took notice of the direction the shadow headed and she began to sprint after it ducking and jumping over people blocking the sidewalk. Seeing it landed over the treetops by the creek vixen slowed down and looked around to make sure no one followed her, Vixen then slowly and quietly approached the figure step by step then stopped and crouched down staying behind a tall oak.

Peering over the side she studied the figure which turned out to be almost human-like. 'But that couldn't be... what human can fly? What kind of creature is that?' she pondered squinting her eyes to get a better look hoping it would turn around a little so she could see a face.

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