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My name is:
--- Morrigan Florence

I get this many candles:
--- 115 (But I don't look a day over 16)

I was born a:
--- Vampire

My family is:
--- Noir

My powers are over:
--- Shadows/Illusion
--- Scrying

I act a bit...:
--- Scandalous. What a lovely word. You know, I have taken part in many scandals, usually with high ranking officials or very wealthy men. The people of the Devereux house have it all wrong. You don't need fancy metal tongues to get what you want, all you need is a working one, and a pretty face doesn't hurt. Some may use the word promiscuous, and I would 100% agree with them. Others may say whorish, and they would be correct. But hey, whatever it takes to get the job done and some cash in my pocket.

I really enjoy:
• Wealth
• Secrets (Well, uncovering them)
• Diamonds

On the flipside, I hate:
• Women
• Women-ly Men
• Girls

I am controlled by:
--- xXIzumiTenshiXx