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                      ✧` [ Hallam "Hal" Knight ]
                      S o c i a l i t e

                      ✧` xxxxxI N T R O D U C T I O N S

                  nicknames » Often referred to by friends as simply "Knight" or "Hal" with Hal being the preferred, Hallam also has a nickname given to him by the press which is: "White Knight" in reference to his generous and caring nature.
                  gender » Male
                  age » Twenty-Four years old
                  birthdate » 3rd September
                  sexual preference » Heterosexual

                      ✧` xxxxxINTIMATELY FAMILIAR

                  likes » As a socialite, Hallam obviously likes social situations in which he can meet and find out about new people, drinking, music and dancing. He even owns his own string of nightclubs because he wanted to be able to do them on a regular basis. However, below the partying club owner and the businessman is a genuinely nice person who likes to look after his friends, read, take in all types of different art forms and genuinely wishes to give back to the community in terms of his local Events Management Business.

                  dislikes » Not being much of a fighter, Hallam hates physical confrontation not only because of the fact he would prefer to talk things over with someone but also because he hates it when a minority ruin something for the majority. He also hates drugs because of the damage they do to people's lives, which is odd considering his main business is alcohol vending. That being beside the point he also hates the selfish, the manipulative and being lied to.

                  fears » Although social and fun and a nice person, Hal genuinely fears ending up alone. After all he's done for others he is afraid that he may never have his own day where he gets married or has a child. He wants something to show for all he's done and is afraid that he may not be able to produce it.

                  abilities » Athough somewhat famous for his amazing empathetic talents and ability to detect lies, Hallam's main abilities are all linked to and are what make him successful at his line of work. An organisational genius, great speaker and barterer, able to manage money well and also having one of the finest eyes for detail; Hallam's business mind is not only rare but almost unmatched.

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                  (Party Jam) Champagne Showers - LMFAO
                  (Party Jam) All Night Long - LMFAO

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                  personality »

                  • The Socialite ~ Hallam's most dominating traits are those that allow him to be the social success that he is. Confident, personable and empathetic to the people around him; Hallam is without a doubt one of the people everyone wants to know at a party whether he's talking shop, politics, having a good time or even just telling the odd joke here and there.

                  • The Business Man ~ Hallam's always had a mind for business and his organizational ability is second to none with some even going as far as to say he's a tiny bit of a perfectionist. Coupling this with his outgoing nature, Hallam is always ready to tackle tough situations and with his eye for detail can often get the best out of or for people.

                  • The Romantic ~ A side of Hallam that has rarely been seen, Hallam is quite the romantic and loves to read poetry. He also has a knack for the romantic as he likes planning weddings and trying to make the perfect day for couples; the romantic streak does however make him feel lonely when he sees other people enjoying his work. He hopes one day he'll be able to share himself with someone on a more permanent basis, like he did one time he was younger but due to his own mistakes lost the relationship and as a result the closeness that came with it.

                  • The Generous ~ In terms of time and money, Hallam gives a lot without expecting to receive in return. It's earned him the name "White Knight" from the local media and has him pinned up as a sort of Robin Hood type figure as he arranges many charity events and will even match the amount of money being put in by a couple for their wedding with funds from his own pocket. To say Hallam is a saint would be overkill but he is a good person and he genuinely wishes to see people happy.

                  heart's desire » Simply put Hallam wants to get married and have a family of his own.
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                  username » Uchiha Roxas
                  character quote »
                  "People oft forget that though man made the sword, he also made the shield."