Made Japanese curry tonight - mild as Broo and YKW can't take hot.
It was ok - not hot at all, not even mild for me!
Am going to look for hot next time - only for me though.
So Broo is over tonight to play Wii U with me - she's going to "kick my arse" at whatever game she chooses apparently.
Irena K (she's Korean) at work suggested I try Korean curry powder 1/2 & 1/2 with the Japanese curry blocks.
I have no idea what the Korean curry powder looks like, may have a search tomorrow?
Only know the Japanese because I recognize it from... Japanese television ads?
Or was it magazine ads?
And we had cheesecake with strawberries and banana - yum!
Have started "drawing" a new comic for Sara & Paul at work on the old tablet PC.
Haven't used it in over a year, and had to fiddle around to remember how to use it!
Sara is the "Evil Doktor Sarastein" and Paul is pretending to be Aussie author "David Hunt".
Paul as usual has asked to be done away with most horribly.
The only thing I could tie in was he gets killed by mutant seagulls created by Doktor Sarastein.
Gotta go, Broo is calling.