Back to writing. Things start to get even weirder. But once again I'm jumping ahead.

So naturally, I was depressed for a year. I no longer had any friends. I did contact the cops at some point. A couple times actually. I explained to them what happened and they didn't believe me. They told me that there were absolutely no survivors at the scene of the crime and all the doors were locked from the outside so it was impossible of me to have escaped. They also explained that there was no stripper who dressed like a fox in that club who also had a giant scar.
That didn't stop me from searching through the internet for her. I looked up fox masks, ghost strippers, recent gun attacks, even guardian angels. Nothing had a good explanation for what happened. I no longer knew what to believe. But I was still alive so that's something.

All I did that year was be on the computer and stuff. I was in a pretty dark place. I try not to think about it. While I was on the computer I became an insufferable troll. I hacked accounts and neighbors computers. They never knew it was me though. I'm pretty good at covering my tracks. My neighbors had some pretty weird files. There were these documents that had pictures of road kill and the animals time of death and then some sort of symbol at the bottom of the page. Looked like some kind of weird occult stuff. I sort of expected my neighbors to find me out, break into my apartment, and kill me in my sleep. I was just being paranoid though. That's actually happened before. Not someone breaking into my house and trying to kill me, but finding out about my hacking skills and search me out. There was this one time where I got involved with the governments military base.

That was a doozy. I thought I was the smartest kid in America for about a week. Then I was told by suits that I almost killed a thousand people. I believed them since I was just a naive young teen at the time. But I realize now that for a kid that age to hack into the flipping government and almost take it over was simply impossible. They probably just wanted to scare me out of hacking.

So that's how I spent my year of loneliness. I had nightmares about guns and fox masks. And strippers. Those weren't exactly nightma- Anyways, it wasn't like I just sat at home all year and hid under a blanket the whole time. There were times I got out of the house. I was working part time at this crappy electronic store. The year before that I thought it was such a convenient little electronic shop with low priced things. They basically sold misprint Apple items which people would come back to the store to ask to get it fixed, and then the manager would break it further to make them pay even more for it to be fixed. I was the one who had to fix the items, watch them get smashed by my boss and then fix them again. My boss was such a d**k.

One day I was tired of feeling shitty. What happened to me that day shouldn't hold me back from living my life. Everything was confusing and didn't make any sense, but I needed to keep going. I quit my s**t job and tried to find something at least a little bit more fun. I got a job at a Chuck E. Cheese. I realize that still sounds like a crappy job, having to deal with screaming kids and kid like messes. But it was also nice.

Of course, now that I think about it, it may have been me subconsciously wanting a job that is the complete opposite of a stripper bar. It is highly unlikely anyone would bring a gun to a Chuck E. Cheeses. Seeing the kids run around, eat pizza, scream pointlessly brought me back to simpler times. Chuck E. Cheese was my childhood. Plus we get a huge discount on all the food there.

I began to make more friends when working there. It was difficult at first, but they were really nice people. The guy who dressed up in the Chuck uniform was a really funny guy. Sheldon was constantly cracking jokes. But the one person who really caught my attention was Missy. she was very beautiful. Her curly black hair fell just past her shoulders and her dark blue eyes were just hard to look away from. She worked at the prize station.

One the first day of work she kept staring at me. At first I thought it was because I had something on my face or something. But then I thought that maybe it was something else. She didn't speak to me. She was just about the same height and similar body type. What if she was the fox mask girl? Maybe she was stalking me.

So the next day I tried to strike up a conversation with her. I was hanging out in the break room and she walked in. I took this perfect opportunity and said hello. She said hello back.
"So, when did you start working here?" I asked.
"Almost three years ago." She answered.
"Oh, that's.. cool." I nodded
"Yeah. So why'd you wanna work with a bunch of screaming brats anyway? You aren't some kind of creepy ***** are you?" She raised an eyebrow. I was sort of shook up by the question. Of course I wasn't some sort of creeper.
"O-of course not. I'm not some sort of weirdo creeper. I just like this place. Brings me back so simpler times." I explained quickly. She smiled and nodded saying that that's why she joined too. We talked more and more, mostly about our childhoods. So far there's no part of her childhood that would have lead her into being some sort of mask wearing vigilant/villain. I was starting to believe that she wasn't the masked girl. It would've been highly unlikely anyway.

The next few weeks went by in a breeze. Me and Missy became fairly close. I know it was customary for guys to be the ones to ask the girl out first but, this girl was different. She asked me out. Sort of. She said she had an extra ticket to some concert that was happening downtown and asked if i wanted to join. I accepted of course. I didn't want her to think I was rejecting her. I think I was starting to gain feelings for her.

I think I hear something outside. I'll write more later.