I Am The Ideal Daughter

I wash the dishes without being told
and offer to dry if I see you there.
Together we can go shopping,
even though I hate it.
We both love the cats and feed them well.
I'd never say "You're fat" or "You're getting old."
When we're on the streets we get called sisters,
and I remind you of that fact when you're down.
When I notice something bothers you,
I rush in to help.
My name is not superman,
but I like to think that I've saved your life.
I'm the ideal daughter in so many ways but one.
I truly care about where you came from, but
I'll never put your love before that of my brother.
I may seem to pick sides and praise you,
but in the end I care more about his survival.
Why? Because as the ideal daughter you never needed
to prod or push me to do things, so I lived easily in your care.
I never felt that our house was my home, and instead,
I made the hearts of my friends that warm place to feel safe.
I did all this on my own and you never knew.
But with him, it was all laid out in front of you.
His friends were never that place for him to escape.
He never had it easy with grades or relating back to you.
And so, I stepped in to take care of him when you failed.
If he cried, I felt his pain. I listened to him and supported his dreams.
You did your best in trying to get him to open up,
but he never welcomed you into his heart like he did me.
For that, I'll always put him first; but, I'll always be your ideal daughter too.