I'm not travailing across the world for you

You either accept that our relationship needs to maintain stability by remaining in one place at a time or this isn't going to work out

sorry but i need to travel

What I'm not traveling any where I can't stand traveling this sin't working out we can just be pen pals or some s**t cause I'm down to travel around

ugh fine i guess

Why do you even travel, I just stay at mine and do it in a vicinity I am familiar with that way I can have composure while giving the appearance I am a loving person but idc about travel I just travel to the kitchen to cook some arms

because it's got to be a train journey to hell with this not a long term operation

I've got to keep up the appearance that I'm a normal working class man so any suspicion wont be aroused that I'm a SK. If I leave my place ppl will start to wounder why the sudden change and look into me more closer than they already are. But I will come with you if there are some ppl I can kill and ******** them after I have removed there head from there body