The Royals:

There are two major races of immense power. Many refer to them as the Royals. Long ago, myth states that the Royals were created by two Gods who had rivalry. The Royals were a competition for the Gods to see who could create the most powerful, and most beautiful of races. One chose to create the Unicorns; elegant and mild-tempered, with the making of humble nobility to rule the lands. The other made the Leos; powerful and determined, with majesty and the makings of true leaders who sought for tempered control. At first, the Gods used them to wage their own war on the mortal lands. Other races below the Royals, named the Nobles, chose sides and helped in the war. Everything burned and was stained with blood for the longest of times, new races were even born in this time of hatred and became the lowly demons, enemies by both sides. The land was soiled, and Nature grew tired of the battles. It split itself and made havoc of the lands, creating turmoil for every race. Some even died out entirely because of Nature's outrage at the Gods' petty war. The Gods, who usually did not care for the races that dwelled on the lands of Nature, feared for their master creations - the Unicorns and Leos. To protect them and the mortals that fueled the Gods livelihood with their beliefs, they then split the land into various realms, separated by what became known as Realm Vales. Creatures were caught between the Vales and thus many races were separated - to exist in that realm only, and to be later known as myths to the others. Unicorns were caught in one of the largest realms, dwelling close to the Mountain of Gods. Leos were caught in the Middle Realm, forever at a standoff with mortals in the forests of the Wilds. When it started, the Leos found a way to walk between realms, policing others from tearing each other apart and setting rulers in each land. Their prime mission, however, was to reunite with the Unicorns and decided forever who would be the supreme ruler. Legend has it that when the Leos finally reunite with the Unicorns, it will be the End of Times. A Victor will emerge and the Gods will be challenged next, resulting in the death of all realms, all worlds, and the land itself. The Gods saw this threat, and this stripped the ability to realm walk from not only the Leos, but from all creatures. Only wild magics and Nature would be able to create doorways. This, over time, has made the Leos furious and the Unicorns deeply saddened, but as time passed they merely forgot about the existence of each other - with the exception of but a few called the Darks. The Darks are influenced by demons who do not live in realms, but under them, and therefore grant the overwhelming knowledge of the Gods. The last hearsay is that it will be the Darks to wage the final war, and to start the End of Times.


Centuries had passed by, the Realm Vales still stood, and the creatures between them only thought of themselves. The mortals were the most selfish, claiming all lands for themselves on every occasion. Many of the Nobles fought against the mortals, but many lost and were either pushed into hiding or to extinction. The Gods never intervened in any quarrel either. Times became very complicated. In the realm of Middle Ground, the Leos reigned and battled mortals for territory as well as to safeguard the creatures that dwelled in the forests with the mighty race. Mortals built castles and cities, cutting into the wilds, and the Leos kept boundaries that drove mortals out of the woods as far as they could, but mortals were no small prey even for Royals. Their resilience made them practically invulnerable. On the dawning of a dark year, mortals who had come to work with the demons and Darks wagged war on the Leos and their allies. Many Nobles and allies fell, but the Leos fought on. They called on Nature to help them, as the Gods would no longer protect them, and Nature answered by creating the Divide. It split the realm in two - one a lower ground that held the mortals and the other a high and vast plateau, untouched by mortal hands for all time. This is where the Leos rule now. Nature only asked that in return, the Leos must protect her above all else. In the war, however, a hostage was taken by the demons. A young prince Leo, just adolescent that year. They took him to another realm, hoping to cause panic in the Leo kingdom, and left him for dead in the Spirit Wilds. This was a special realm, whose boundaries were with the lands in which the Unicorns ruled, The Vale broken here by thousands of years of Nobles beating it down. The cub was picked up by other Nobles and brought before a family of Unicorns who accepted him in, being the kindly rulers they were destined to be. When the Leo grew up, he was married off to one of the Unicorn's daughters. This union would be held as a treaty for the Leos whom the Unicorns still undoubtedly believed would find them. Rowan, the first and only male leocorn thus far, was the tie between the Royals and a hope to end the ancient feud some believed now was just a myth. Though, the Spirit Wilds held no ruler and thus the land and its creatures were never regulated. Soon, demons heard of the Leocorn and descended upon the Spirit Wilds. Their plan had turned sour, and they aimed to fix it. At last resort to save his sprouting family, the Leo had his wife leave for the realm of Unicorns and fled himself through portals created by the demons. He changed himself and his son to their true beast forms and hid in the forests of a smaller realm called Nim. Here, the land was shared by mortals and creatures in the forests, but the hunting of the lower beings bu mortals was out of hand. The Leo took to becoming the protector of this newly found realm, and taught his son how to walk in his footsteps before passing on from poison. Rowan was never taught the ways of the Royals, as his father thought it would be the only sure way to keep his son and the union safe. Instead he was only lead to believe he was the king of that forest, the forest of Nim, and that he needed to protect it. Later in his life, Rowan grew strong and was trusted by all creatures of the forest - even the Dragons whom remained in the mountains to the East. The mortals, however, viewed him more as a nuisance to their hunting and pleasure. Like other mortals, they wished to expand and claimed all the land for themselves. Rowan fought them to the boarder his father created, growing to resent them more and more each day, and escaping numerous times when attacks were made on his life. One summer, he learned the last of a small race of creatures were wiped out by the mortals and he became enraged. Rowan crossed the borderline and attacked mortal hunters viciously, as well as created a divide in the land so deep that it was deemed bottomless. To further show the mortals his Leo wrath, he set parts of their side of the land aflame for months, scorching the land until it would bear fruit no more. Nature saw this a frowned, holding Rowan to the promise half of his line made with her. She disguised herself as a hurt maiden in his woods, then tricked him into a trap for punishment. She planned to strip him of his inherited powers and send him to a land with no ruler, and to live life as a mortal fending for oneself. He was to learn key things in that land; compassion, identity, sympathy, and benevolence. These were qualities he lacked, having only been raised by a Leo. Until he learned these, he was doomed to never return to his home. But, because he was a union between Royals, the strong magics surging through him fought back against even Nature's curse and only stripped him partially of his powers and form, perhaps even saving his life as it was and giving him a starting point on his new life-to-be.