Don't you hate thinking sometimes?
For me it takes me to a dark place. Where it's only me.
I hate it. I starting to think that i'm ugly,i'm fat,i sound like a girl,no one will ever like me in that way.
Where i start to feel gross everytime i look in the mirror...
I then start to hate me everything about me. . Even my personality.
I just want people to like me to want to be around me.
But the minute i'm not you talk about me.. And laugh about it.
To where all i want to do is crawl in a little ball and not move.
Then i just wanna cry it all out. But even when i do the pains still their.
I'm trying my best to get people to like me,to change how i look,to loose weight.
But even when i do that you still don't want me. I just don't know what to do anymore.
I don't need your pretend friendship or pretend love. I can't take this much longer.
If you don't ******** like me or want me in your life. Tell me know.
I just can't deal with anymore. I've already lost alot of people in my life that i cared about. So if you don't want me in your life just please say so.. Instead of pounding and stomping my heart about.