Thank you to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for those who have donated to me. I appreciate every single gift, no matter the amount or item; it's the thought that counts. (:
Uh yeah. That sounded a bit cheesy. But overall what I wanted to say is thank you all!

2013 Year-round Gifts heart (After I restarted so 2nd half of 2013)
Many gifts from Maizhu.
Seven Day Love-
Cloud- Aynber
Durem Depot Grab Bag- ImHotPink4ever
Luck o' the Gairish-shinystarburst

Holiday Season Gifts heart

Lucky Star- Anonymous
Cherry Blossom-Anonymous
270k gg-Explicit Porn. Funds for Pandista (current quest)
Rabbot Brigade- I Twenty Percent Cooler I
Volant Reverie-Shadowless Knight
Winter's Rose-Shadowless Knight
Tiered Tinsel Dress-Beautiful Rejection
Runcible Spoon-Anonymous
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Silk Boxers-Paras_Serenity
Fairy shoes-Same person, gift 1
Green Traveller Cap-Same person, gift 2
Spring Nymph-Anonymous
Moon Lantern-Anonymous
Kottan Bell-ImHotPink4ever
Giant Rainbow Lollipop-Anon
Silver Laurels-Anonymous
Mana Seed-Anonymous
Angelic Headband-iLyfa

Oh my goodness, I cannot say how grateful and happy I am to have had all these gifts to open on Christmas. You guys all have such kind hearts, thank you so very very much for making my holidays this year! heart heart

Holiday presents last update: 1/1. Thank you all heart I've honestly quested some of these items forever and I'm so glad to have received them ^-^