As the title of this little blurb says I haven't updated in a while and well its because I haven't really known what to say. I liked a guy, well 2, one just clearly wasn't interested because since I deleted his number he hasn't bothered to text me at all, another well we've been friends since July and after hinting at that I liked him for a while I finally flat out told him to have him tell me he doesn't have those kinds of feelings for me. Then I met someone else I thought could be interesting but then he told me he cybers every time he's online, ew that's kind of gross, if you have to have virtual s*x THAT many times, maybe there's something wrong in your real life so I decided against him, plus I got in a fight with another guy because his pride was wounded and he wanted to be a jerk afterwards, just a tip for you guys, do not randomly ask a girl to be your girlfriend WITHOUT getting to know her first, for all you know she could be some drugged up chick who's killed someone without reason, stop being so stupid people. I did see Catching Fire though, it stayed as true to the book as possible only 2 things were really cut out, everything else was kept. A lot of people are complaining because the actor playing Finnick wasn't who they pictured, and things were cut out but the important things were NOT cut out and I think it was Sam's american accent that set people off from him being Finnick, at least that's what it was for me. I've gotten to use to hearing his English accent so hearing his american accent was REALLY weird for me, but I did end up loving Effie's character even more, which is what happened in the book for me, I liked Haymitch more because they made him more relate able to Katniss and Peeta, and Cinna, oh jeeze if you haven't seen the movie yet or read the book but man he plays big brother/protective father figure so well. Now add in Finnick and Johanna and let me just say they COMPLETELY got the characters correct in my book, their attitudes and personalities, congrats to Jenna and Sam. Baking cookies today with my little cousin a little bit later after he takes a nap.