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Areiku's Journal
Contains Item Lists, Avatar Art, Dedications and Thoughts.
Items from Exchange (List)
3x Orange Guppy Helm
3x Red Guppy Helm
3x Yellow Guppy Helm

4x Blackrocque Helm
4x Bluestone Helm
4x Pyrite Helm
Acidic Jelly Swarm
Angelic Rod
Berry Balloonfish Bubble Bao
Big Mouth Bass'terd Belt
Big Mouth Bass'terd Mask
Black Bubble-Eye Goldfish Hat
Black Bubble-Eye Goldfish Hood
Black Pebbo Cap
Black Pebbo Fishbone Sweater
Black Pebbo Fishing Vest
Black Rocque Biter Blade
Black Rocque Biter Gloves
Black Rocque Helm
Blood Ironjaws
Blue Bass Helm
Blue Bass Slippers
Blue Fish Eyes
Bluestone Biter Blade
Bluestone Biter Gloves
Blue Stone Helm
Blue Seedkin Cap
Blue Seedkin Messenger Bag
Blue Striper Helmet
Blue Striper Tie
Brown Bass Helm
Brown Bass Slippers
Brown Fish Eyes
Brown Pebbo Cap
Brown Pebbo Fishbone Sweater
Brown Pebbo Fishing Vest
Blue Striper Vest
Bubblegum Balloonfish Bubble Bao
Buckin' Bino Mask
By-an-Inch Racer Goggles
By-a-Mile Racer Goggles

Candy Striper Candy Crown
Candy Striper Helmet
Catfish Whiskers
Chargin' Chino Mask
Cool Rainbow Helm
Cool Rainbow Trout Bow
Cool Rainbow Trout Cape
Cool Rainbow Trout Monokini
Dark Head Fins
Diamondback Lion Belt
Diamondback Lion Fins
Diamondback Lion Mask
Dicy Tuna Hat
Dicy Tuna Helmet
Dicy Tuna Nigiri Hairclip
Dicy Tuna Nigiri
Dorsal Fin
Ectomane Hellfish Greaves
Ectomane Hellfish Helm
Electric Jelly Swarm
Emeraldback Lion Belt
Emeraldback Lion Fins
Ethermane Hellfish Greaves
Ethermane Hellfish Helm
Emeraldback Lion Mask
Firemane Hellfish Greaves
Frozen Rainbow Helm
Frozen Rainbow Trout Bow
Frozen Rainbow Trout Cape
Frozen Rainbow Trout Monokini
Firemane Hellfish Helm
Food Chain Blue Striper-Bass-Guppy
Food Chain Green Striper-Bass-Guppy
Food Chain Silver Striper-Bass-Guppy

Gold Bubble-Eye Goldfish Hat
Gold Bubble-Eye Goldfish Hood
Gray Striper Helmet
Gray Striper Tie
Gray Striper Vest
Green Bass Helm
Green Bass Slippers
Green Fish Eyes
Green Head Fins
Green Seedkin Cap
Green Seedkin Messenger Bag
Green Striper Helmet
Green Striper Tie
Green Striper Vest
Icy Tuna Nigiri
Icy Tuna Nigiri Hairclip
Icy Tuna Hat
Icy Tuna Helmet
Kohaku Koi Cape
Mossy Mutant Crab Arm
Mutha Guppa Armored Arm
Mutha Guppa Mask
Ochiba Koi Cape
Orange Guppy Cap
Orange Guppy Heels
Orange Guppy Scarf
Pale Head Fins
Patchwork Boots
Peach Balloonfish Bubble Bao
Pink Seedkin Cap
Pink Seedkin Messenger Bag
Pyrite Biter Blade
Pyrite Biter Gloves
Pyrite Helm
Red Bubble-Eye Goldfish Hat
Red Bubble-Eye Goldfish Hood
Red Guppy Cap
Red Guppy Heels
Red Guppy Scarf
Rubyback Lion Belt
Rubyback Lion Mask
Rubyback Lion Fins
Russian Catfish Ears and Whiskers
Rusted Mutant Crab Arm
Sand Boldur Chestplate
Sand Boldur Helmet
Sharp Fish Teeth
Slate Boldur Chestplate
Slate Boldur Helmet
Slate Mutant Crab Arm
Spear of the Bino
Spear of the Chino
Spear of the Tino
Spicy Tuna Hat
Spicy Tuna Helmet
Spicy Tuna Nigiri
Spicy Tuna Nigiri Hairclip
Stone Boldur Chestplate
Stone Boldur Helmet
Sulphuric Jelly Swarm
Ten-Second Racer Goggles
Tigerstripe Catfish Ears and Whiskers
Tin Hat
Tire on my Head
Tire Tread Boots
Titanium Ironjaws
Tootin' Tino Mask
Warm Rainbow Trout Bow
Warm Rainbow Trout Cape
Warm Rainbow Helm
Warm Rainbow Trout Monokini
White Pebbo Cap
White Pebbo Fishbone Sweater
White Pebbo Fishing Vest
Witchling Catfish Ears and Whiskers
Yamabuki Koi Cape
Yellow Guppy Cap
Yellow Guppy Heels
Yellow Guppy Scarf

Blue Paper Cat Band
Blue Paper Crown
Blue Paper Headband
Blue Shade Hat
Blue Paper Spiky Hat
Dirty Newspaper Combover
Goldenrod Paper Cat Band
Goldenrod Paper Headband
Goldenrod Shade Hat
Green Paper Crown
Green Paper Spiky Hat
Newspaper Combover
Newsprint Fro
Newsprint Stars
Old Newspaper Combover
Paperbag Cap
Paperbag Hoodie
Red Paper Crown
Red Paper Spiky Hat
White Paper Cat Band
White Paper Headband
White Shade Hat

FoxDemonAreiku V2
Community Member
FoxDemonAreiku V2
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