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Areiku's Journal
Contains Item Lists, Avatar Art, Dedications and Thoughts.
Alchemy (Item List)
10 Pound Guppy
10th Anniversary Ultra Satan Cat Face
Amethyst Silver Princess Tiara
Amigo Taco
Angel Imp Potion A
Angel Imp Potion B
Angel Imp Potion C
Angel Imp Potion D
Angel Imp Potion E
Angel Imp Potion F
Antlers of Cernunnos
Aquamarine Porridge Locks
Archangel's Wings: Alchemized
Arrow Candy Horns
Asmodeus' Wings: Alchemized
Aspiring Alchemist
Aurora Kitten Star
Autopsy Scar
Azrael's Wings: Alchemized
Bacon Cape
Barachiel's Wings: Alchemized
Black and Red Long Keido Wig
Black Bedouin Skirt
Black Edwardian Children's Coat
Black Edwardian Children's Trousers
Black Goldfish Kimono
Black Sword Sash
Blue and Silver Short Keido Wig
Blue Edwardian Children's Coat
Blue Edwardian Children's Trousers
Blue Glittering Stockings
Beelzebub's Wings: Alchemized
Book of Poems
Butterfly Coat
Butter the Kitten
Calico Goldfish Kimono
Case Meow
Celestial Rings
Cherubim's Wings: Alchemized
Chicken Suit
Clam Shell Hat
Coat of the Great War
Coco Neko Nigiri
Cream the Kitten
Crown of the Faceless Ruler
Crown of the Thrice Great
Curled Candy Horns
Custard the Kitten
Dark Cherry Earrings
Deerskin Loincloth
Devil's Wings: Alchemized
Dove Capelet
Deluxe Bone Mask
Devil Imp Potion A
Devil Imp Potion C
Devil Imp Potion D
Devil Imp Potion E
Dragon's Pride Armor
Dual Candy Horns
Duck in a Box
Edmund Companion
Emerald Silver Princess Tiara
Erebus' Moon
Flowing Chestnut Princess Locks
Forked Candy Horns
Gabriel's Wings: Alchemized
Gardener's Blonde Twin Curls
Gardener's Brown Twin Curls
Gardener's Red Twin Curls
Giant Rainbow Lollipop
Giant Scalpel
Goblin's Wings: Alchemized
Gold and Black Long Keido Wig
Gold Bullet Helm
Goldfish Kimono
Grace Meow
Great Iron Jaw
Green CyberGoth Suit
Green Glittering Stockings
Groovy Mp3 Dog
Helmet of the Great War
Hooked Candy Horns
Hypno Lollipop
Ian Companion
Incubi's Wings: Alchemized
Jade and Black Short Keido Wig
Jagged Candy Horns
Jegudiel's Wings: Alchemized
Jellyfish Dress
Kiki Neko Nigiri
Lace Meow
Lawn Shark Blades
Lemon Cupcake Dress
Liam Companion
Live Free or Pie Hard
Long Candy Horns
Longer Langer
Long Tusks
Louie Companion
Low Candy Horns
Lucifer's Wings: Alchemized
Lunarian's Blonde Bao
Lunarian's Mint Bao
Lunarian's Pink Bao
Michael's Wings: Alchemized
Mammon's Wings: Alchemized
MANtis Sr
Mannfrey's M-6 Grenade Launcher
Mannfrey's RPM-7 Rocket Launcher
Meat Club
Mint Sundae Sweets
Moira Companion
Monochrome Battle Pants
New Wave Purple Coat
Nice Suit for Work
Nicolae Companion
Octopus Trident
Oh My Pizza box
Onyx Golden Princess Tiara
Onyx Princess Gown
Onyx Silver Princess Tiara
Overgrown Kudzu
P3 Gear
Paladin of Pestilence's Chestplate
Pancake Top Hat
Peppermint Stripe Apron
Pink Glittering Stockings
Planetary Hero
Pointy Candy Horns
Prize Collection '10
Purple CyberGoth Suit
Radiant Heart Headband
Rainbow Octopus
Rainbow Pixie Wings
Raphael's Wings: Alchemized
Raspberry Cupcake Dress
Red Cherry Earrings
Red CyberGoth Suit
Red Edwardian Children's Coat
Red Edwardian Children's Loafers
Red Edwardian Children's Trousers
Rose Porridge Locks
Ruby Companion
Sam Companion
Sasha Companion
Sea Sash
Selaphiel's Wings: Alchemized
Seraphim's Wings: Alchemized
Sheer Glittering Stockings
Silly Candy Horns
Single Candy Horn
Silver Bullet Helm
Silver Sable Coat
Spiral Candy Horns
Space Meow
Strawberry Boxers
Sugary Wings
Sweet Cherry Earrings
T-1011 Cyborg Endo Skeleton
Tall Candy Horns
The Drill
The Worst Mistake
Tigerskin Loincloth
Tire Dress
Topiary Wig
Triple Candy Horns
Tsunami KO Bleached Shirt
Tsunami KO Citrus Shirt
Tsunami KO Grassy Shirt
Tsunami KO Indigo Shirt
Tsunami KO Ocean Shirt
Tsunami KO Raging Shirt
Tsunami KO Royal Shirt
Tsunami KO Shadow Shirt
Twin Snake Shoulderpads

Uni Candy Horn
Uriel's Wings: Alchemized
Vanilla Cupcake Dress
Violet Porridge Locks
Void Sprite
White and Gold Short Keido Wig
White and Navy Long Keido Wig
White Bedouin Skirt
White Bedouin Tunic
White Lizardman
White Tigerskin Loincloth
Wicked Loud Horn
Windy Gear
Wirewood Chestplate

FoxDemonAreiku V2
Community Member
FoxDemonAreiku V2
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