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BB Flowerchild
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Creating 3D Art (Image Heavy)
I have been working on artwork inspired by a story from one Ms. Minathronwalker.

My medium of choice is 3D modeling.
Creating 3D art is a very time-consuming process. It's not for the faint of heart.

Since it has been a while since I've gotten this project underway, I'll give a little status report, with some samples of what I've put together thus far.

I've used these two avatars of hers as my base:

Avatar A:
User Image

Avatar B:
User Image


This is what I've assembled in Autodesk Maya thus far.
Keep in mind that these are draft pictures. They're low-quality jpegs.
These models have very rudimentary textures and lighting, so they do look bad, (creepy even).
They are not pleasant to look at.

Kuro's Induction (Gaia item, sword):

User Image

This is the sword she carries.
This was fun to model. It's very elegant, like something out of Sleeping Beauty or Revolutionary Girl Utena. (And it has geometric shapes, which are much easier to work with than organic shapes.)


Front Model:

User Image

This picture exemplifies just how drab 3D modeling software is. Normally, there'd be a gray background, but I decided to make this background blue, just so the clothing shows up better.
I have decided to model the outfit Mina wears in Avatar B. It has more of a classical vampire look (and the clothes look easier to work with!)
The biggest challenge I have to creating it so far is figuring out if I should have the clothing all as one piece or two. The skirt shouldn't be too problematic, but the top looks to have different materials, and I may need to layer two or more different objects to make it work.


Head Closeup

User Image

I have a long way to go to lift this model out of uncanny valley.
I have yet to apply hair, eyelids, or eyebrows, so now she looks like a monk. -_-
I'm not happy with the bump mapping on the skin. I probably should create a better UV map to allocate more realistic wrinkles, but considering I don't plan on making many extreme closeups, it probably won't be necessary. I could always touch things up in Photoshop in post-production to fix those problems anyway.
The scar was difficult to work with, since it makes her face asymmetrical. I still have to work on it if I want it to be realistic, but there are some issues to consider, namely because she's a vampire -- do vampires bleed? How graphic should this be anyway?

Something else I will need to work on is making wire deformations in order to create accurate facial expressions.
Avatar A has a hardened expression that I will be aiming for. It has that distinct look of a good-natured person who has led a soul-drained life, but Avatar B looks to have found inner peace. Which one will look better?



User Image

This belt, like the sword, was easy to make, but it wasn't as fun.
The red matches her eyes, so I may end up using a facial expression with her eye(s) open. (Design 101: color repetition)


These are the sorts of things that buzz through my head when creating art.
It's very complicated.
Oftentimes, when looking at these crude 3D models, I feel hopeless, wondering, "How am I ever going to make this look good?!" gonk

It takes dedication.
I felt hopeless when I was making this picture of my own avatar: Link
It turned out... decent, I suppose....

... ... Mina, if you're reading all this, I hope I didn't scare you. >_> ¿

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