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Yay It's Molly's Blog!
My Gaian/real life.
Bored so here's another survey lol
Section I

1. Name a commercial that reminds you of being a kid.
pop goes perfection! xD

2. Do you ever ask for paper in plastic at the grocery store?
no lol

3. What is the last state you were in besides your own?

4. Name a city in your own state that you have never been to.
i don't think there is one lol

5. What's the best "mountain" at Walt Disney World?
i dunno i've never been there

6. Do you ever speak in Ebonics?
hahaha um no i guess not

7. Explain why you said yes or no to the last question.
i personally think "ebonics" is a kind of an offensive concept, i think black and white people have the same language and separating the way they talk it just bringing them father apart

8. Who is the very funniest comedian ever?
Mitch Hedberg

9. What hospital in your area would you most recommend for good treatment?
christiana probably

10. What two breeds of dog do you think would make a really great puppy?
a pomeranian and a husky

Section II

11. Are themed parties overrated?
nope lol

12. What section of the library do you find most interesting?

13. What mall is closest to your home?
christiana probably even though its far away too

14. The last roadtrip you took was from where to where?
i think to kentucky from here

15. Are home aquariums more trouble than they're worth?
it depends on whether or not you're willing to take care of it

16. Who cleans your carpets?

17. If you add together all the numbers in your birthdate (month, day, year) what number do you get?

18. Do you know anyone who has had plastic surgery?

19. Who is the best person you've ever "met" online?
my frands on gaia and neopets lol

20. What is the best local restaurant in your area?
umm i dont know there's a lot

Section III

21. Do you have a landline? If not, do you wish you did?

22. Were you ever on the roof of the World Trade Center?
no i wish i could have been though

23. Have you ever been on the Maid Of The Mist?

24. Do Coke and Pepsi really taste different to you?

25. If you could knock down one structure in your town, what would it be?

26. Name a street in your town that begins with the letter "C".
i can't think of one

27. Describe your elementary school in 10 words or less.
i went to a lot of elementary schools.

28. What is the last musical you saw?
i dont know.

29. Who is the most versatile actor ever?
johnny depp

30. Do you own any vinyl records?
yes i collect them

Section IV

31. Would you go down to see the Titanic if given the chance?
yes i would

32. What is the greatest kids' show ever and why?
i think rugrats because it was so funny

33. Name a relative who has a first name beginning with the letter "N".

34. You have one minute to grab everything you can in a supermarket - what do you grab?
yummy cookies and candy lol

35. The best album ever made is ______ because _________.
abbey road because there are so many iconic songs on it

36. The worst love song ever made is _______ because __________.
two out of three aint bad because it's kinda rude lol

37. Do you love cats?

38. Who is the best cartoon cat?

39. If you could rename Bart Simpson, what first name would you give him?
i like the name bart.

40. Have you ever seen the Hollywood sign in real life?

Section V

41. Do you ever nap and wake up and forget what day it is?
yes all the time

42. What's the name of the cemetery closest to your home?
i don't know what it's called

43. What ocean is the most alluring to you?

44. Have you ever driven through rural South Carolina?
yes lol

45. Did you ever see a scorpion in the wild?

46. The very best heavy metal band ever is ______ because _______.
metallica because they're just so amazing and all their songs are beautiful

47. The sappiest band ever is ______ because _________.
n sync because even though i like them, all their songs are kinda cheesy lol

48. If you could have any candy right now, it would be what?

49. Do you like the taste of beer?

50. Why do people say that Chinese food often contains cat?
i don't know

Section VI

51. Who is the best cartoon dog ever?
spike from rugrats

52. Do you wake up easily in the morning?

53. What time do you have to wake up tomorrow?
like 9:30

54. Do you think alarm clocks ringing could cause heart attacks in some people?

55. What is the best soap opera ever?
i don't like soaps

56. If you were a donut, what kind would you be? Why?
maple because it's not a popular flavor but deserves appreciation hahaha!

Section VII

57. Name your earliest mamory.
my earliest memory is probably when i was little and i got my teeth pulled

58. What is the newest thing you've learned?
hmm i don't know

59. Did you ever have to clean erasers in school?
no lol

60. Have you ever hallucinated something?

61. Do you type the proper way?*Have you ever typed on a manual typewriter?
yes and no i haven't

62. Do you know shorthand?

63. Who are better neighbors? Canada or Mexico?
probably canada cause they're just so nice lol

64. Are you deeply religious?

Section VIII

65. Name a state you have never been to, but would like to go to.
california because id like to see the walk of fame

66. Name a state you have been to, but don't care if you ever go to again.
i don't know, i guess oklahoma

67. Do you think George W. Bush would be a nice neighbor?

68. What is the last board game you played?

69. Do you drink energy drinks? If yes, what kind?
yes monster

70. What is the name of the bar closest to your home?
i don't know

71. What was your maternal grandmother's first name?

72. What was your house number when you were 5?

73. Name a word that people use locally that outsiders probably can't pronounce.
i don't know

74. Describe your world in 5 words.
it's a beautiful place.

75. Was this a pretty unique survey?

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