Someone once told me that:

"Life in all manners, forms, and aspects; just like rivers and tributaries, all lead up to a single body of consciousness. Therefor don't be afraid of any aspect of your being for they make you who you are in the end."
Someday we all find our perfect match in every way, the yin to our yang. Our king or queen the one we wish to spend forever with.

We may not meet them when we want to but when we least expect it and aren't looking for them they seem to appear from no where like a shadow and we are forever hooked.
Until then live life to the fullest, give it all you got while you are still here no one has a second chance or a "do over". 110% make everything count, don't look back on your life and feel regret for not doing something you could of done. And that is just the way it is and should be to regret nothing.