My laws, My Creed, That which I live by. That which I use to judge others.
If others break my law I disassociate myself with them.
But now I must ask,
if I break my own laws how should I be punished.
The law which I broke pertains to Loyalty, Love, and Honesty.
I dare not say that which I have done. For although the act made me happy my heart is full of regret for those whom the act hurt.
As the man who is strict to his law I must be punished.
My acts are unforgivable.
So I have two paths before more that I see fit to take.
Pain of body or pain of life.
Pain of body will have to cost me flogging, burning, and perhaps even cuts.
Pain of life means my life is forfeit.
I believe that on Christmas I shall receive my final judgment.
May god show mercy to those whom are lost for soon I shall face his wrath