Race:Spellwolf Age:20 Gender:Male Height:3'0" Weight:95lb
A dire wolf with an unusually dark blue coat of fur casts a glance at you with its black eyes before barking and growling, like it is trying to communicate with you. "He is saying either 'My name is Frost Bite. What might you be called?' or 'You better leave if you do not want to be my next meal.'." A raven explains while flying around your head before perching on the wolf's back and adding, "My name is Twilight and he is my master." Standing at 3 feet tall and 5 feet from snout to tail, Frost Bite sits and awaits your response.

-possesses 4 arms on his back that are invisible to all but other magical creatures and are capable of lifting up to 500lbs each
-can cast many types of spells
-when casting a spell, strange blue light glows in a design across his fur
-can make all evocation and conjuration spells(aside from summoning) affect the following ranges when cast: cylinder (10-foot radius, 30 feet high), 40-foot cone, four 10-foot cubes, ball (20-foot-radius spread), or 120-foot line
-can speak English(often chooses not to, making his raven familiar translate for him) and talk to beings of the air, water, fire, and earth

-will never abandon an ally
-will follow any law in the area he's in, whether it be good or evil
-fear of heights
-completely dependent on his magical abilities, he is relatively weak physically